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Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson
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Oct 13, 2010

really liked it

I wanted to read Georgia's Kitchen initially merely for the Italian connection. I counted on this book allowing me to live out my passport-laced fantasies. Georgia's Kitchen did that and more.

Georgia's the head chef at hot spot Marco, a restaurant that's booked up months in advance. She's not allowed much leeway with the menu, and her boss is slimy, but she's head chef and loving it. Georgia's engaged to entertainment lawyer Glenn, and life couldn't get much better. Until it gets worse. Marco receives a scathing review because her boss sleeps with, and promptly rejects, a food critic's only daughter. Someone has to take the blame, and Georgia's that "someone". The same day she's fired, her fiancee calls off their wedding, because he realizes that their relationship hasn't been working for some time. Georgia, jobless and fiancee-less, flees to Italy to work with her mentor Claudia Cavalli for a few months. Despite a few early disappointments in Italy, Georgia makes new friends and enjoys the change of scenery. When she receives an incredible job offer she needs to make a decision- does she take it and continue living far away from everyone and everything that she loves, or does she return home and finally start following her dreams.

Jenny Nelson wrote a light and entertaining novel about a young woman looking for happiness and learning to stand on her own two feet – without a boyfriend, her best girlfriends, family, and the familiar surroundings of New York. What she finds out is that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. The people who mean the most usually want to be asked. Nelson’s characters are believable but I wish some of them had been developed a bit more. For example, I wanted to know more about Georgia’s girlfriends than what they wore. Bernard definitely has an interesting story but maybe it went through a huge edit. I was glad when he made an appearance again later in the book. Georgia was a character that I could root for, even if she did manage to make a few mistakes in her personal life along the way. I especially liked Georgia's parents in the book- they were well-meaning, yet intrusive. Her mother, especially, was initially unable to come to terms with Georgia's career choices, but the fact that she loved Georgia and only wanted the best for her was obvious.

The book was a scrumptious treat from start to finish, between the descriptive and mouth watering foods described to the warm terracotta of Tuscany to the desire for Georgia to open her own restaurant. The Tuscany part of the book was my favorite. That and the food descriptions throughout. Nelson’s writing had me craving good Italian food. My only complaints would be the five extra pounds I gained in reading (and eating my way through this book) as well as how a few things towards the end just fell so seamlessly into place. It just all seemed a little too easy at times. Thankfully, this didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of this fun and ultimately inspiring read!
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Raina You'd love this! I will bring it to book club. I got it from Sharon.

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