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The Inside Story by Michael Buckley
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Oct 13, 2010

really liked it
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Rebecca Perry 6/9 October 20, 2010
Book Review

The Inside story
( Book #8 of the Sister’s Grimm Series)
Michael Buckley

Sabrina Grimm and her little sister Daphne have just woken up their parents who have been under a sleep spell for 2 years. During that time Daphne and Sabrina have been in tons of Foster Homes and moved into their Grandmothers house in Fairyport Landing almost a year ago. Soon after they moved in they found out they were part of a family of Fairytale detectives. In Fairyport Landing they are Everafters ( Fairytale characters). Now they have figured out some terrible secrets. There magic mirror is the leader of The Scarlet Hand! ( An evil organization of Everafters) They also found out there mother found out she was pregnant the day she was put under the spell. The baby was born well she was asleep and is now a toddler. But Mirror ( the magic mirrior the Grimms own) is going to steal Sabrina and Daphne’s little brother’s body so he can be real. Sabrina , Daphne and Puck ( a annoying boy fairy who Sabrina is supposed to marry in the future.) jump into a book of fairy tales. They get chased by revisers and mess up tons of stories. Will Sabrina and Daphne get their brother back? Read and find out! :)

I loved this book! I’ve read all of them so far. There is supposed to be 1 more. I like the whole idea of the story. I also think it’s funny that Puck is so annoying and mean to Sabrina. He teases her about their wedding that she saw in the future by saying “ No problem honey bunny, I can’t exactly let me bride to-be become cat food.” I can relate to annoying boys like that. There is nothing to dislike about this book. If you like fairytale books you will enjoy the Sister’s Grimm.

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