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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin
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really liked it
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People do not fall into the category of 'great' by chance or triviality. Ben Franklin worked to improve himself, his community, and the lives of those with whom he shared his existence. He set an example of honesty, hard work, sobriety, fair dealing, and generosity that has been a light on the path of millions. His example seems to me exactly what is needed today.

Reading this book was a joy. It's cool too to note the differences in writing style and spelling he used. Just two examples..."musik" and 'requir'd' instead of 'required.'

Ben Franklin was a vegetarian early because he didn't like the idea of murdering animals. He watched his hosts preparing fish for dinner and saw inside the fish were smaller fish. He then thought: "Well, if you can eat each other, I can eat you." He liked cakes and pies too. In most of the caricatures I've seen of him, he looked like Big Ben the fat man, not the bell. He did drink wine with dinner and at social occasions but avoided strong liquor. He constantly warned us of the ruinous effects of that old demon alcohol.

I feel personally closer to Dr. Franklin after reading this book because his views of religion seem parallel to mine. He hoped for and chose to believe in the existence of a Deity, but could not align himself with any one sect, as he called a denomination. He and I reject the idea that any person can define who or what God is. Each "sect" draws a different conclusion, and is convinced that their particular conclusion is the correct one.

I was doing the tourist thing in Philadelphia in 2006 and as I walked on the sidewalk beside an iron fence, I happened to see several coins inside the fence. The coins were on a stone slab. It was the grave of Benjamin Franklin. I was thrilled.......mgc
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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Breslin Nice review, Michael.

I walk by that grave every now and again. If you decide to take a visit to our fair city of Philadelphia again, I'll give you the grand tour.

I read this book a long time ago. Loved it then. Want to reread it now. Franklin is an inspiration to me.

message 2: by Pete (new)

Pete daPixie Yeah! What little I know of the man I've wanted to get hold of a biog.
What little I know of Philadelphia is from W.C.Fields.

Michael "I never drink except for medicinal purposes, and snake bite. I always carry one small snake." WC Fields

message 4: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Breslin I always carry two snakes. It's good to have an emergency back-up serpent.

message 5: by Pete (new)

Pete daPixie Godfrey Daniel!

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