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Double Cross by Carolyn Crane
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Oct 13, 2010

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After devouring Mind Games, I was eager to jump into the second offering in the Disillusionist trilogy. It didn’t disappoint per se, it just wasn’t nearly as alluring as the first.

Justine has continued her work of disillusioning known criminals. With the assistance of Packard and his group of disillusionists, Justine is working to rehabilitate and release the felons that the Mayor of Midcity, Otto Sanchez, has incarcerated using his Highcap abilities (Don’t ask. I don’t understand it either). Although Justine remains on the fence about the morality of her position, she persists in doing it, if only to relieve the cranial pressure that plagues Otto, and to ensure Packard’s present freedom is not revoked. Nevertheless, when Justin is assigned to disillusion a captive dream invader, she begins to suspect not all is black and white when it comes to those that Otto has imprisoned and many may actually be innocent. To further complicate things, a small group of serial killers, the Dorks, are picking off Highcaps one by one. As a result, Otto, Packard, Justine and the rest of the disillusionist gang must work together to end their reign of terror.

The world and plot are certainly intriguing in their own right, but I won’t deny that I get a special satisfaction in reading the charged, albeit antagonistic, relationship between Packard and Justine. These two ignite the pages in spite of the fact that more often than not, they mostly misunderstand one another. Justine has yet to trust her faith in and feelings for Packard. Moreover, Packard, being Packard, does nothing to inspire her faith or encourage her affections. Mostly, he presents himself as an uncaring ass with words and proceeds to prove otherwise with actions. The mixed signals are all a little too much for Justine at present. After all, she has the swoon-worthy and honorable Otto Sanchez showering her with adoration. Not a hard call to guess who she chooses to invest in. Or is it?

Double Cross certainly had its grand moments. I was properly chilled with a scene or two, and properly revved with a few others (Packard is truly glorious) but I can’t help feeling that this installment left something to be desired, until the last 50 pages that is. It was paced well and can boast of being better than many other urban fantasy picks out there, but it had so much potential to be more than it was. Crane had several intriguing angles to explore that she just sort of touched on all of them as opposed to fleshing them out in depth. Perhaps she will pick them back up with the final installment which I will surely be reading.

I would like to note that while I am giving the over-all story 4 stars, the last 50 pages are 5 star worthy. I did not see that twist coming, at all. Well played Ms. Crane.
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Sandra Hah, I felt exactly the same. 4 stars until the last 50 pages or so when I was pretty much freaking out! So.Effen.Amazing. And soooo creepy really when you think about, I think you'd have to be a sociopath to pull that off.

Sandra P.S. My stomach is in knots! I can't believe the next ones SO far away, I can't wait to see Packard bust in and win her back!

One little thing I noticed though, it doesn't seem that she remember she can zing anyone without Backlash (or maybe she just doesn't want to hurt anyone?) Although I guess she must or she would think she'd be a vegetable without having Packard around.?

Heather That happened a few days prior to the day that Otto whiped. She just doesn't recall making up and then making out with Packard or what she saw Otto do.

I'm with you though, I can't wait for Packard to swoop in and woop some arse.

Gunne i did not see that twist too. very well played.

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