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The Awakening by L.J. Smith
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Oh. My. God.
So I picked up this book because A: I'm interested in watching the show and B: It's a very popular book. Nevertheless WORST 2 DAYS OF MY LIFE EVER. I started reading this yesterday and by like 10-20 pages in, I was bored to death. That's a pretty good sign it's not going to get any better but I decided to finish it just so I can rant about it and say I've actually read the whole thing. so...
Characters? So I've heard someone say once that the author always has her character SUPREMELY and UNNATURALLY beautiful. Oh, god, it is so true. First you have Elena, the main character, who fits the role of STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL/POPULAR/LOVED and just exploding with awesomeness. Oh, and you know she's got a strong personality. Or some crap like that. ANYWAY, Elena can have any guy she wants but she doesn't feel for any of them except for introducing Mr. Strong, Serious, Mysterious but oh, so CARING AND WONDERFUL Stephan. *facepalm* Seriously this Love at first sight stuff between them is absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, Stephan can't be around Elena because of course he might eat her cuz you know SPOILER HE'S A VAMPIRE! NO WAY DID THE TITLE TELL YOU THAT? so Elena, crafty CLEVER Elena decides she's going TO MAKE UP A BOYFRIEND AND SPREND RUMORS ABOUT STEPHAN SO IT'LL LOOK LIKE SHE DOESN'T LIKE HIM CUZ YOU KNOW HE EMBARRASSED HER WHEN HE 'REJECTED'? HER. Might I add that all the characters are in their last year of high school. YEAH. So anyway not going into anymore details and spoilage I'll just add I pretty much puked everytime Elena fawned over herself and was all "All the boys were staring at me *Squee!* but you know I'M IN LOVE WITH STEPHAN" Then there's Damon, who surprisingly doesn't show up for most of the book, but is the evil sexy bad boy who wants Elena and is the antagonist. Oh, boys, here comes the best lines of the whole book! Oh and there's Elena's friends, Meredith and Bonnie, who are both by the way UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL AS WELL. Bonnie especially is enjoyable as A: She thinks she's funny because she thought the Spanish Inquisition was a rock band (THEY'RE IN 12TH GRADE? WTF?) and B: She's PSYSIC. Once again *facepalm* Caroline, Elena's evil competition, is also quite interesting and of course beautiful and doesn't mind dressing like a slut everywhere which no one seems to find that surprising. Woah, I don't know where you grew up but at my school, that wasn't exactly 'allowed'. Oh and Elena's aunt's bf is kinda creepy and stares at her alot. Talk about perverted.
Plot? Uh, yeh, not much going on here. Stuff happens, Elena tries to get with Stephan they get together, he pulls away, yada yada, and people wind up dead or attacked and no one really worries too much about this. Most of the plot really seems to be about Elena wanting to be with Stephan and her complaining and being obsessed that she isn't. I really can't say much about other than it reminded me of a bad 80s-90s movie.
Writing? I don't know if the author just read up on teenagerhood or something and just wrote typical stuff we're supposed to say but really? wow. I felt like i could have wrote this drunk. See Spanish Inquisition up top, believe me it gets worse...Other than that, the author didn't seem to put much effort into describing things other than "Elena looked beautiful like a twinkling star" or some stuff like that.
All in all, this was absolutely terrible. I hated all 253 pages of it and I counted to myself the number of pages I had left just so I could finish the damn thing. I won't be EVER reading this again and I do not recommend this to ANYONE unless you have absolutely no standards on what you read. I think I'll try to watch the series though, it seems to have more potential and less I'M SO BEAUTIFUL I DON'T NEED SCHOOL attitude. 1/5
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