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The Guardian Angel of South Beach by Neil S. Plakcy
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Oct 12, 2010

To be honest the biggest reason I read Neil Plakcy’s The Guardian Angel of South Beach was because it was a Neil Plakcy book. I say this because the book description is so-so… certainly nothing to get supremely excited about. But of course I should have known better than to judge his book by the blurb; the cover however is wonderful and sexy and what the blurb may not promise, the cover definitely does!

I’ve read many of Mr. Plakcy’s stories and, regardless of the genre or format, one thing that they have in common is that they’re all well written and totally engaging; The Guardian of South Beach, while different yet again, is another case in point.

While this story may seem to be little more than a sex romp with a bit of romance thrown in I actually found it to reach a deeper level than I had initially expected. Leo’s emotional development quickly outstripped even his physical changes, and that’s saying something; but as in real life it wasn’t overnight or even particularly easy. I also found that there was more…suspense I guess I’d say, than I had anticipated.
Separately, all these elements are great; combined they create a killer story. With the touch of mystery—and magic—I found myself even more enamoured.

The Guardian Angel of South Beach may come across as more fantasy than reality-based and, to some degree, it is. But once again Neil Plakcy, having taken the reader to unexpected depths, has created a story with a message, but far be it for me to tell you what it might be. That I’ll leave for you to discover. *wink* What I will say is that this will be a very enjoyable read as well.
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