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Jonas by Eden Maguire
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Oct 12, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: light-reads, fantasy, on-love-and-romance, young-adult, weird-or-annoying, reviewed, badly-written

This book irked me for many reasons... (Listed in the order that they annoyed me as I read it)

Firstly, the names! How many people do you know with names like Phoenix, Arizona, Darina and HUNTER (esp as he would have been named aaages ago... not exactly a realistic name)? Now, does practically everyone you know have kinda kooky names like that? Probably not! It's fine to have odd names for your SIMs or whatever, but not in books!!!!

Secondly, all the Twilight copying..... I mean, obviously it got published because the publishers thought twee little Twilighters would love another paranormal romance that makes no logical sense, but PLEASE. The main similarities that I can remember and that got to me areeeeee
(1) The Beautiful Dead all look like they did before they died but even more beautiful, ahhh, with pale white skin etc etc, blurg x.x OH, and they all have special powers now, surprise surprise!
(2) They live in a big family group out of town and cannot let people know they exist, because even though they are really powerful, humans just can't be beaten
(3) The reinvention of a traditional supernatural creature; in Twilight it's Vampires, here it's zombies... I mean, hello? zombies are NOTHING like the BD... give them another name or something but don't just do the Twilight reinvention thing!
(4) All the other stupid little similarities.... calls her mom by her first name, she's thought of as a bit different, her best friend hits on her when she isn't interested in that way.... and on and on and on

Thirdly... the plot is actually ridiculous! (view spoiler)

However.... I *did* finish the book. Partly because I was stuck with nothing to do for an evening, and partly because it was so bad I just had to check it didn't redeem itself... but still, that's how it got the second star.// later edit: no, it really was so shit it's going down to one. eugh.

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message 1: by Cheyenne (new) - added it

Cheyenne Um, I don't find their names to bad. I know a lot of people with odd names some worse then the ones in this book some better. To be honest I like the books. If you had a problem with them then that is your own fault; you go on and on about how similar it is to Twilight so obviously your basing this book to Twilight which is a stupid thing to do. When you read a book that is NOT in the book series you have read before that, I believe you might want to try and push all that you have read before it away until after you read the book your into at the time so that you won't see so many similarities in the books. Again, it is stupid when you compare a book to another book. Also if you didn't like the book as much as your saying then you should have put it down and let yourself die of boredom or picked up a book you already read, ect, ect. It doesn't matter if your waiting for it to redeem it's self, you don't like it, you put it down, it's not that hard, in fact it's really easy. Oh, and if you believe this series is so "Pathetic" then your mined must be very small to look at a book and not see the highlights of it...

message 2: by Rebecca (last edited Jun 16, 2012 02:02AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Rebecca Ok, I didn't say those names were all totally unbelievable, it was the coincidence of all the characters having less usual names- see esp what I said about Hunter.

Secondly, I don't see why it's wrong to compare books; in fact, I've studied English to A Level and my entire last year was spent being taught to constantly compare books. And when there are so many similarities I don't see why it's wrong to point them out when they're so glaringly obvious. So many teen paranormal books have been published recently as publishers frantically try to get on the Twilight bandwagon, and I think it's worth point out how terrible some of these books are. I don't have a problem with there being a current trend in books, but I do mind when it means really badly written books get pushed on undiscriminative tweens who will just lap up whatever they're given.

I can't really answer the last bit of your rather rambling comment, as it seems to just descend to insults. You do rather contradict yourself- "It doesn't matter if your waiting for it to redeem it's self, you don't like it, you put it down, it's not that hard" and then a few lines later telling me I'm small minded to look at a book and not see the highlights of it... Surely by seeing if it got better I was looking for some highlights?! I actually think its small minded to not let people have their own views, even negative ones, especially as you have only just listed the book as 'to-read'- read it and then form judgement?

Chrisella I think you like the book

MiMi I used to refer books to twilight but here's a though now.... What of u read this book first and liked it and then read twilight.... Well you would be like ugh twilight is such a copy it's exactly like beautiful dead or whatever the books called k so think about that

Rebecca Twilight was written first and although there were paranormal romance ya books about before Twilight, it was Twilight that booted the genre into real popularity - therefore this can happily be counted as post-Twilight publishing fodder, and a terrible copy ;)

I'm not complaining that they were too similar for just me, but rather that the author is just being very lazy and sticking to a tried and tested teenybopper fast-selling formula! And she deserves to be called out for it.

Maha Couldn't agree with you more and honestly as someone who thought the twilight books were decent, this is like bad fanfic that should have never been published

Sofija Hunter actually lived like 100 years ago. I respect your opinion. I heard that Twilight is a shity book so I haven't read it. But I really enjoyed this book. People like Matt does exist, usually they have mental problems or something like that. I had a classmate like that. Darina didn't say that she travelled back in time to Bob, he belived her because Matt acted suspicious. Guilty people run. So yea I couldn't disagree more. (Sorry for bad English)

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