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Date with Destiny by Helen Lacey
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Another Crystal Point Book With a Messed Up Woman That Was Very Repetitive

Grace Preston, perfectly beautiful with a sky high IQ headed home to Crystal Point for her sister's wedding. She also carries with her a life altering secret that she refuses to share with anyone...and no, she is not dying. At her sister's wedding she is paired with Cameron, the only man she has ever loved but ran away from because of unrealistic fears and expectations. Grace feels she doesn't fit in or belong anywhere. When she was a young teen she was sent to a boarding school while her three other siblings remained at home in their tight-knit little family unit as they continued to be very close and Grace felt horribly left out and unwanted. She was extremely gifted so her parents decided that for her to be challenged they would need to send her away to school. It came very close to destroying her life. She had skipped a grade and was bullied because she was young and naive. Her parents didn't hold back on what they expected of her and there was no question she was absolutely expected her to follow the path they had set out for her, including what kind of career she would have and where she would live. She had her own dreams but didn't dare follow them and did exactly what her parents wanted. She was too frightened not to. What parent in their right mind would send a young teen away to boarding school while they kept their three other children at home? They reside in Australia so what were they thinking went they sent their eighteen-year-old to New York City alone to live and take more schooling then begin her career in the field they had chosen for her. Excuse me, but what the heck?? Are they nuts? Talk about isolation.

Of course Grace was laden with major emotional problems that kept her from really living life. She merely worked constantly and existed. So very sad. This is the second book I've read in the Preston Family from Crystal Point Series. The First one was 'The CEO's Baby Surprise.' There were lots of similarities in these two books. Both Grace and MJ were messed up emotionally. They had the same kind of negative thought patterns and they hardly ever thought before they spoke, not caring how rude and nasty they sounded. It also didn't seem to bother them that their words hurt people they loved. They were, simply put, shallow, self-serving, and selfish beyond what is believable and realistic. If these two sisters behavior is so much alike in a blatantly negative way then we can assume that there is only one place to look...the parents. It is obvious they were both affected by their upbringing since their insecurities and poor emotional health were in the pits it is only logical that our fingers would point to the parents. Or possibly the author followed the same formula for the sisters which made them appear to be so alike. Not sure.

Again, like in 'The CEO's Baby Surprise' the repetitiveness of thoughts, words, phrases and complete conversations was beyond all reason and annoyingly did not encourage me to move forward but I did finish the book. The ending was sweet but the book became tiresome.

Now I must mention Cameron (not my son Cameron but the book hottie Cameron--good name BTW.) I believe he was a good guy and did many things to help others and the community. I also believe he truly loved Grace. He teased her unmercifully, ruthlessly with snide comments, addressing her with condescending names and said purposely hurtful things even when he realized she was hurting and something was wrong with her. I did not appreciate that part of his character and even with the HEA it still bothered me at the end of the book.

So, I think I'm done with this series. The two books I have read are just barely okay, in my opinion. But you should certainly try them for yourself. Obviously my opinion is quite different from the majority.
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