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Fourth Debt by Pepper Winters
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5 STARS – This series may be the death of me…

“I refused to live in a world where evil triumphed over good. That wasn’t right-life couldn’t be that cruel.”

The Indebted series has become an addiction for me, but it is not for the faint of heart. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this series will push boundaries and go to dark places that will make you squirm, and your heart race. It will frighten you and make you FEEL ten times over, but is that not the definition of a truly amazing book? For me YES! Nila Weaver is left on her own at the end of Third Debt when the Hawks take away her last reason to live.

“Why did I care what my future entailed when I no longer had anyone to fight for?”

Fourth Debt begins exactly where we left off in the last book, after one of the) best/worst depending on your perspective) cliff hangers ever. Nila is devastated and the Hawks once again have the upper hand. What I really want to make clear here, before I go any further is how strong Nila’s character is in this series. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a main character that is stronger and more resilient than Nila. Where anyone else would be traumatized and rocking in a corner, she perseveres and struggles with every fibre of her being to never give up.

“It was me versus them now. I wouldn’t back down again.”

Everything she has survived up till this point is astounding. The Hawks well, never in a series have I ever come across a more depraved, cruel and viscous clan of villains! If you’ve read the previous books you will know exactly what I’m talking about here, I cannot wait until karma is brought full circle (hopefully) and they are re-paid for all of the horrendous acts, they have rein acted over the years. All in the name of their revenge and justice.

Pepper Winters has created a labyrinth of a story with this series spanning the course of six full length books. Each book manages to give you more, while holding back enough to make you NEED the next! The writing is everything you can expect from Pepper Winters, beautiful, meticulous and powerful, Fourth Debt is a testament to this. Writing this series she has managed to yet again to blow my mind with her talent to create a story that is not only incredibly addictive, complicated, intricate and mysterious but also unforgettable. I never have to go back to re-read the previous book before diving into the next simply because they are engrained in my mind. I picked up Fourth Debt and dove in, now in hindsight I should have been armed with tissues, a stress ball and a couple of bottles of wine, but when I reached the end of this one, my nerves were shot! I was left testy, unnerved and mouth gaping. Pepper’s books swallow me whole every time and this last one, well she did it again. Fourth Debt has left me with a book hangover that refuses to subside, I needed to purge in this review to hopefully alleviate some of the residual feeling and thoughts, and now I’m realizing that even this may not help…

“You’re all monsters. Every single one of you. You’ll all pay.”

Fourth Debt is an astounding read; it will traumatize you and leave you feeling rage, sadness, desperation. It will also without a doubt leave you BEGGING for that last book, I need relief, I need justice, and I need a happily ever after in some form. Nila has more than earned it at this point and if she doesn’t get hers I may LOSE MY GD MIND!!!! True Story. This series gets more intense with every installment and I’m left here typing this review fully expecting and bracing myself, because Final Debt will be the most intense yet, I can feel it already. If you have not yet experienced this series, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Emotional readers like me will devour these books one after another like candy and come back hands out begging for more, guaranteed.

“Love was what ruined me the most. Love was the ultimate destroyer. But no matter how much I tried to let go…I couldn’t.”
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