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One Night for Love by Mary Balogh
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One Night for Love is my very first Mary Balogh read, and I assure you, it wouldn’t be my last.

One Night for Love is an overwhelming love story, in it being wonderful and extraordinary. It was overwhelming that it made me dizzy. But don’t get me wrong, I was dizzy in a good way.

Neville Wyatt, the new Earl of Kilbourne, was born into a respectable family. Everything was planned for him. Up to the simple things to even his future wife. His life was completely drawn for him. Until he rebelled and joined the infantry.

At the middle of the field, he met Sergeant Thomas Doyle of the Ninety-fifth Infantry, along with Doyle’s daughter, Lily. He falls for her and her sunny disposition. But they wouldn’t work. After the war, Neville had to go back. Back to the life that was planned for him.

Until he was given the excuse to do otherwise. Sergeant Thomas Doyle was shot and at his dying hour, he asked Neville to protect Lily. And to do so, he had to marry Lily, since marriage to an officer confers respect even from the enemies.

Neville and Lily marry. It was a love match, despite circumstances of war and recent death. They share a night of love and wedded bliss. But things just weren’t meant to happen immediately. Neville witnesses Lily being shot. He believes she has died. And before he was given a chance to thoroughly check, he gets shot too.

Neville goes back to his previous life as an earl. And just about as he was to marry his cousin Lauren, a woman in rags comes barging to the church. To Neville’s astonishment, it is his wife, Lily.

At Lily's arrival at Newbury Abbey, Lily realizes that her plain self is not enough to be an Earl's wife. She believes love is not enough. And again, fate works against them, as a series of truths, that I do not wish to disclose, since it would spoil your reading experience come hurling between them.

Lily is a very likeable character. She is illiterate, but she is wise. She is a carefree spirit, daughter of an ordinary soldier, a girl trying to be a lady and someone who just wants to fit in.

"I am Lily Doyle," she said, "and Lady Frances Lilian Montague. And Lily Wyatt, Countess of Kilbourne. I am all three."

She becomes all three without suppressing the person she really is. She learns to read and write, play the pianoforte and talk to the ton, which is admirable. Her desire to learn is inspiring.

However, there is an overwhelming number of minor characters that shook me to the core, that I had trouble with who’s who, thus giving me nausea. But I’m not complaining, since this book is a wonderful start to what I heard is a very beautiful series.

And maybe, just maybe, in between reading the rest of the series, I might find someone who would love me as Neville loved Lily, and tell me these words too:

”…some things are unchanged and unchangeable. I loved you when I married you. I love you today. I will love you with my dying breath. I have loved you and will love you during every moment between those spans.”

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Catherine I can't believe this is your first Balogh! I thought this one was a pretty sweet love story. Neville was such a good guy. I really felt for him. But Lily was perfect too.

My favorite by her are the books in her Slightly series.

Jasmin Thanks to goodreads, I am slightly becoming human and discovering all these neat books and authors. I am actually scared of trying new authors before, but the neat reviews out there convince me enough. Should these be read in order? :D

Catherine The Slightly books? Yes, I think you'll miss out on the characterization that builds throughout the series for some of the characters if you skip around.

Slightly Married (Slightly, #1) by Mary Balogh Slightly Wicked (Slightly, #2) by Mary Balogh Slightly Scandalous (Slightly, #3) by Mary Balogh Slightly Tempted (Slightly, #4) by Mary Balogh Slightly Sinful (Slightly, #5) by Mary Balogh Slightly Dangerous (Slightly, #6) by Mary Balogh

Jasmin Haha, okay. So I have no excuse to continue skip to slightly dangerous w/c is on AAR top 100 list. XD

Thanks! I'll read them in order. She is good. So I guess I wouldn't mind. :D

Catherine The hero of that one is the guy I was talking about! ^_^ His book is even better after getting to know him and dying to know what makes him tick. Plus, little hints about him are given throughout the other books.

Jasmin OMG. That would take me a while. I'm very anxious to meet the hero. Thank goodness I don't like taking shortcuts.

Catherine I hope you enjoy them.

Jasmin Thanks Cath! :D

message 9: by new_user (new)

new_user Shortcuts, boo! Sometimes I make myself take them though, just because I'd never get around to anything else if I didn't, LOL. Speaking of books, of course. I take shortcuts all the time elsewhere, LOL!

Jasmin Nice point. About the books I mean.

But yes. Elsewhere, shortcuts are very wanted. Especially around the metro. :)

Shawna Great review, Jasmin! I haven't read anything by Balogh yet, but I've got several in my TBR and look forward to reading them.

Jasmin Thanks Shawna. You should try her. She writes beautifully. :D

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