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The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
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Oct 09, 2010

really liked it

A very well thought out book. I am not a big Sci-Fi. person, but after this book i will probably read sci-fi. Ray Bradbury does a phenomenal job at writing about the future. Each short story had a differen moral. There was one moral in particular that I liked, harmless to harmful. "The City", "The Veldt", and "Marionnets inc." were 3 perfect examples of this theme.
"The City", was a city that looked like it was ruined. Humnans from earth had landed on the planet that the ruined city was on. One of the explorers was wary and alert but all the others were reckless and incausious. The wary explorernkept on seeing movemt in the city and would tell his leader. But then, the leader would just shrug it off and say that the city was old, ruined and HARMLESS. Let's just say that at the end of the story, the HARMLESS thought turned into a HARMFUL thought.
"The Veldt", was a story on how two parent were killed by their children. The parents started out in the story letting their children be entertained by a room which was full of fantasies, thought, and ideas. The children started to get more attached to the room, so that when the parents took the kids out of the "nursery", the children would through a trantrum. At the endingg of the story, the kids were so angry at their parent they locked the parents in the "nursery" were a lion killed them. The parents had thought that the room was harmless, and that it was just a toy, but as we know, that changed. Once again, HARMLESS to HARMFUL.
The final story that proves this theme is called, "Marionnetes Inc." In thhis short story, a man make a replica of himself that takes his spot when he is gone. The replica ends up falling in love with the wife of the real man and decides to lock up the man in a box. What the man thought was a HARMLESS cantraption thturned out to be ver at would help hime take a vacation away form his wife turned out to turn against him and be very HARMFUL.
Cautioness is the way to go about in our world. Not so much that it will take care of us and we are sooo cautious that we don't focus on the good and fun things in life. But if we have just enough cautisness in our life, we probably won't get ourselves into messes that we never wanted. HARMLESS to HARMFUL, is somehitng we all need to remember.

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