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The Magicians' Guild by Trudi Canavan
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Oct 09, 2010

it was ok
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This review was written by Manon for RantingDragon.com

The redundant beginning

Sonea is a dwell that lives in the slums. Everyone in the slums hates the Magicians that live safely, luxuriously and arrogantly up in their Magician’s Guild. Only those of the Houses can become Magicians, and those in the slums are regarded as rats of the city, without any magical potential.

Until Sonea and her gang start throwing rocks to the heads of the Magicians that have gathered for the annual Purge (the Purge being the event where Magicians throw out the poor inhabitants of the slums out of their houses to live on the streets). The stone that Sonea throws at one of the Magicians’ heads, actually breaks through their magical barrier, uncovering Sonea’s magical potential.This will ensue a lot of trouble for Sonea, her friends and family.

Sonea is forced to go into hiding as she does not want to join the Guild. For about 300 pages, nearly 50 percent of the book, we follow her running from the Magicians. Then, finally, after her magical potential becomes so strong and she can no longer control her magic and she nearly destroys the city of Imardin, she is caught and brought to the Guild. She is assigned a benign mentor, Lord Rothen, one of the few Magicians actually interested in helping her instead of working her out of the Guild. According to most Magician’s, Sonea should be kicked out as soon as possible, because slum dwellers do not belong in the Guild.

Negative vibes

In her early time in the Guild, Sonea is manipulated, angered, scared, freaked out, confused, lost and sad. She is insanely hard-headed, almost to the point where it’s annoying. Her being so distrustful of the Guild is not helped by the fact that she saw one of the higher-ups of the Guild coming back from a secret assassination, before she was caught by the Guild. Sonea thinks every one of the Magicians are self-centered, manipulative bastards and in fact, most of them are.

What seemed silly was that from both sides, both the developed, educated Magicians and the lowly slum dwellers are full of generalizations. One slum dweller steals? All of them steal. One Magician accidentally kills a boy? They all are senseless murderers. The generalizations became a little too evident and in my opinion, too easy.

There are not a whole lot of positive vibes in these books, whereas it’s mostly about Sonea’s very negative, insecure feelings. That 50 percent of the book is about the hiding from and being chased by the Magician’s Guild to only end up there was really very redundant – I felt fooled when she was caught by the Guild. What is the point of elaborating so much about her running from the Guild, while it could have been done with in only a few chapters?

Why should you read this book

I’m not a person who stops reading a series or Trilogy. When I’ve started a story, I like to finish it. In this case, I’m glad I did continue to read, because the following two books in the Trilogy, “The Novice” and “The High Lord” were both very enjoyable reads. If this were a standalone, I would not have recommended it to anyone, because it was simply a boring story with a lot of redundancy.

If you want to read an enjoyable trilogy with a meager first novel, go read this trilogy. I promise, the second and third books are a lot better than this one!
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Jessc Ranting Dragon, I like your style.

Shima I think you have made a very balanced and FAIR review of the book. I agree with you particularly about the stereotypes.
Currently I'm two chapters away from the end and the second book is already here and waiting :)

Jessica Eilish hey, spoiler alert much!!!

Juan Camilo Ranting Dragon: Awesome Username and i agree with rewiew

Matthew Hathcock Thanks for the review, wasn't sure if i was going to read the second one or not. Know i will. Also, i'm new to this type of book and was looking for a really good series to read. any recommendation?

Jessica Eilish seriously could someone put a block thingy on this? Serious spoilers for people who DON'T want to read the plot from your review!

Richard I hope you're right about the rest of the trilogy. This was a little dull and I came away from it trying to recall anything interesting that happened.

message 8: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Salinas Pssssst....looks both ways *whispers* all tht typing and still...no fcks given

Jannah (Cloud Child) Excellent review and you've put into better words exactly how I was feeling about the book

Swiftsea Yes. Your review explains spot on why I discontinued the Magician's Guild, especially the part where you noted that Sonea was running for 50% of the novel from the Magicians. I got so sick of it.

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