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Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
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Oct 09, 2010

it was amazing
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This is the sort of book that makes me go "WOW!" In fact Revolution is one of the 2 books this year, that left me speechless.

Being a book lover , I have liked some books, loved some of them. Every now and then comes along a book that makes me realize why I love reading so much. Revolution , for me , is that sort of a book.

Revolution is about two young girls, living two centuries apart - Andi and Alexandrine.Andi is a high school senior at a super exclusive school. On the surface she has a perfect life - money, world-famous father, life of comfort and wealth. But the reality is different. She is still tortured by the guilt of having been responsible for her brother's death.

Alexandrine, on the other hand, is living in the time of the French Revolution, one of the bloodiest , most violent times in French history. She is a spy and living on the tenterhook of danger.

When Andi discovers Alexandrine's diary, it starts a journey to self-revelation.
It doesn't take long to realize that the "revolution" described is not the French revolution , despite it playing a major role in the story. The revolution is about changing oneself, its about self-discovery (see the quote below).

Andi's only comfort is music. Its through the music that she discovers the diary. And thus starts the "revolution , as two lost young girls , living two hundred years apart connect through music and the words in the diary.

The description of music, its beauty and the effect it has on Andi is breathtaking. I like music but have never been so passionate about it. But while reading this book, I could almost feel the emotional and spiritual connection that Andi had with music.

The writing is absolutely beautiful. It made the story, the characters , the setting come alive.When a book has paragraphs and more paragraphs, lines and more lines, that I can read and re-read and even remember , that's when I know that the book is going to stay with me. And believe me, Donnelly's writing guarantees that you will go back and re-read some lines again and again. Yet everytime you read it, they will still touch you and move you the same way.

I felt so deeply for both the characters. I got so deeply involved - I could feel their fear, hurt , pain.
I was blown away by the details and description of the French Revolution. Jennifer Donnelly truly makes history come alive with powerful words that makes the reader feel the horror, see the violence unfolding in front of their eyes. I can imagine the amount of research and work that must have gone into not only the details of the French Revolution , but also the music.

One of the most powerful points that this book makes is that its never too late to discover oneself, its never too late for anything, no matter how much life lets you down.

Revolution is incredibly sad and yet incredibly beautiful. Despite the grim atmosphere throughout the book, there is also hope and optimism -there is always a ray of sunshine at the end of the storm.

I had a major test the next day and I am usually obsessively cautious about avoiding the last minute panic. But while I read this book, I actually forgot about the test and yet didn't regret it a bit.

There are not enough words to describe this book. Just read it and find it out yourself.
Revolution is an unforgettable book totally worth your time.

Favorite Quote:
"Life’s all about the revolution, isn’t it? The one inside, I mean. You can’t change history. You can’t change the world. All you can ever change is yourself."

Revolution is an exquisitely written book that is worth reading and remembering.

Yes! To every person , no matter genre you read.
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message 1: by Irwin (new)

Irwin Your review makes me want to read this book

Misha  Mathew @Irwin Thanks! I hope you are able to read the book.

Misha  Mathew @Irwin Thanks! I hope you are able to read the book.

message 4: by Dem (new)

Dem Great review, got to read this.

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