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Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams
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Oct 09, 2010

it was ok

Why this book is YF I have no idea! It's very adult context is a little disturbing for teens. I would not recommend this book for teens. Adults might find it interesting and tragic, but otherwise, not the best story I've ever read because it was just so tragic and predictable. The mother is the WORST kind--horrible, abusive, neglectful, and broken. All the context and themes in this book are adult in nature. I was a little annoyed by the fact that I had it figured out early in the book too.

I finished this book quickly--probably read it in less than 3 hours. It's 500 pages, but each page only has about 50 words per page, written in the center of the page. So the sentences are blunt and quick! Each word meaning something, carrying importance. I enjoyed the unique writing style--strong contrast after reading Frankenstein with its classic, long, detailed writing.

Two stars for the unique style of writing and fast reading, but not worthy of four or five stars because it's just so depressing, horrible and completely inappropriate for teens and yet so not a puzzle.

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Kdizzle Inappropriate for teens?
what teens do you know.

Melissa Kdizzle wrote: "Inappropriate for teens?
what teens do you know."

I don't want MY teens to hear about solicitation of a minor for money--just don't want those images placed in their minds. Yes teens know about prostitution, sex, etc. But I do think the solicitation of a minor is a horrible image to place and especially since it was done by a parent. There are better books out there for MY teens to read--too many other good books to read than waste time on this one.

Rebecca Why shouldn't kids know about all the horrible stuff in the world? And if they read about it and learn about sex and drugs through books, they're probably much less likely to get tricked into bad situations in the future, or to want to experiment in dangerous behaviour.

Melissa I'd rather be the one to talk to my kids about it versus having them read it in a book. I'm not disputing giving knowledge and education about "horrible stuff in the world" to teens, I just want to be the ones to talk to them about it, not from a book. This is just one book I don't want MY teens to read.

Rebecca I'm a teen and I'd much rather read about something fairly objectively and create my own opinions than talking to my mom - how awkward would that be!! She doesn't know everything, and our opinions aren't always compatible. I'm just saying, basically, to let your kids form their own opinions. That's cool if you want to talk to them about stuff, but if they seem awkward or unwilling to talk about it, don't push them. They're more capable of dealing with the bad stuff than you know.

Heather I wouldn't let my 14 year old read it, but she is kind of immature and naive. But I'd let my 16 year old read it if he asked. Not a book for everyone, but the writing is amazing and the tone haunting.

Elizabeth Being a teacher, it is quite sad that I can pinpoint at least three students that would relate to this book in a very scary way. Teens in today's world deal with more horrors than we realize...

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