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Pig Island by Mo Hayder
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Oct 07, 2010

it was ok

Perhaps I set my expectations a little too high for this one, because I was pretty let down with it. I was looking for a good seasonal read, particularly one with creepy occult overtones, but this story just didn't do it for me. The characters were one dimensional and incredibly dislikable. The plot, though off to a seemingly strong start, ended up cheesy and laughable. Also, the creepy fun factor I was hoping for just wasn't there, (an overweight, evangelical minister living in the rough may scare some, but for me it was just plain silly). About 50 pages in, I was saying to myself, "A tail for god's sake?!!" Still, I finished the whole thing, which is saying something. Regardless of all my meager complaints, I did feel compelled enough to read the book in its entirety. It's kind of like when you discover a television series that bores you, makes you moan, and keeps you griping, yet you still watch every episode scene-per-scene. That's the very experience I had with this book. For that reason, I'll more than likely give Mo Hayder another shot, but I got to say that I'm off to a pretty lousy start with her after trudging through Pig Island.

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