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Batman by Fabian Nicieza
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Oct 06, 2010

really liked it
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Read in October, 2010

I read this on the couch at Joseph Beth while trying to avoid the homework that I have to do. I enjoyed it. This volume is comprised of five one-shots that take place after Final Crisis during the "Battle for the Cowl" arc.

Commissioner Gordon-In this comic, Gordon is pitted against Mr. Freeze who is trying to teach Gotham City how to live without Batman. It was interesting to focus on Gordon and it provided the rallying cry to get the GCPD on their feet.

The Network-I found this to be the most convoluted story as it involves way too many characters. Essentially, it seems like a Birds of Prey story with Oracle taking control and trying to establish some vigilante justice. It did make me slightly interesting in reading the Batwoman volume.

The Underground-Riddler is a private eye these days and he is asked for some help by The Penguin. This issue sets up that Two-Face and Penguin have tried to take over crime in Gotham creating two separate factions. I was unimpressed by the way Riddler was written, however I loved the way Catwoman was written. Her reluctance to fight crime because that is what Batman would have wanted as she is dealing with her grief over his apparent death is a powerful place for her to be. Also, this story line sets up the Sirens of Gotham off-shoot which I have not read but I'm skeptical of its goodness.

Arkham Asylum-This one was actually the best story. In the wake of the destruction of Arkham which I don't know when that happened although I think that was in Battle for the Cowl which I will be re-reading shortly. Anyway, Jeremiah Arkham struggles with the destruction of Arkham Asylum despite the fact that he was left for dead. There are some new characters introduced and some question as to the good doctor's sanity.

Man-Bat-This one incorporates Kirk Langstrom who Grant Morrison brought back in "Batman and Son". It also manages to bring back Dr. Phosphorus in a surprisingly creepy and effective way.

This is mostly huge set-up for things to come but captivating to read nonetheless and certainly better written than the ish that was included after "Battle for the Cowl". In writing about it, I've decided that I will give it four stars.

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