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Giving Up the V by Serena Robar
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Oct 05, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Wow, I love, love, loved this book, and I love the author's use of voice. You can't beat a book that opens up with the MC, Spencer, experiencing her first gyno visit, lol.

What I loved about Spencer is that she didn't want to "do it" just b/c everyone else was or just b/c her mom was giving her the greenlight by putting her on birth control at 16. She wanted to be in love with the person. She's slightly horrified at how her bff Alyssa is on a mission to lose hers to anyone, anyhow simply to get it over with and potentially give herself a rep to date more guys. Well, Alyssa does give herself a goal of the Winter Formal.

The book has Spencer and her group of girl and guy friends. You have Morgan and Justin, the on and off again couple, Ryan the manwhore player, Zach the sweet, nice guy of the group, Alyssa, and Spencer.

Enter the new badboy hottie, Ben. He begins to hang out with their group, and both Alyssa and Spencer have the hots for him. But the moment he blew into the book, I didn't want to see either one end up with him. He impressed me as even more of a manwhore player, asshat, douchebag than the group's friend, Ryan. When it looks like Spencer wants to lose her virignity, Ryan is ready and willing to take her Vcard. Through convos with Ryan's mom, who wants Spencer to date Ryan to ground him a bit, as well as the way he acts around her, we see that Ryan is sort of a manwhore with a heart, and that he might potentially like Spencer. But it doesn't matter b/c he just makes her uncomfortable.

I adored the character of Zach--the friend but could be more. I thought Robar did an awesome job of capturing the way you can go from not being interested in your "brother like friend" to "whoa, hold on, who is this guy?" lol. Since they've been friends since childhood, it's hard for Spencer to see him any other way, but it's clear from the beginning of the book that Zach is potentially seeing her differently. And then as he gets tired of being the "nice guy" and starts to seek out chics, Spencer finds herself getting jealous. But she doesn't go into full out freak out mode until her friend, Alyssa, decides to ask him to prom. Spencer knows she's just wanting to sleep with someone, and she knows Zach deserves better than to lose his vcard to someone who just is using him.

What I loved was the Winter Formal scene. This is where Spencer is able to see the ick factor of Ben. First of all, he's a hornball who can barely look at her face--he has to stare at her chest. When they're on the dance floor, he's constnatly kissing and groping her. A trip to the bathroom lets Spencer overhear that he's been sleeping with another girl, Shelby. And of course, she's also drooling over Zach who looks handsome and who tells her how amazing she looks without staring at her chest. When she comes back from the bathroom, Zach punches Ben, and Ben punches him back. Spencer leaves with Zach. In the limo, she tells Zach how much she loves him and it's freakin' her out. Zach admit his feelings for her too, and their kiss is so AMAZING! It's love that also brings passion, and Spencer realizes what she has been missing.

The BIGGEST part I loved is how she and Zach decide not to sleep with each other right away. Instead, they want to work on their relationship and savor what they have.

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Annie McElfresh I'm Sooooooooooooooooo glad you liked this one. :D I love it too!

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