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Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning
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Oct 04, 2010

liked it

When we were first introduced to Sed in Backstage Pass, I didn't think there was a way for him to be likable. He was a straight up a-hole. He betrayed his friend Brian in the worse possible way. How will Sed redeem himself? I was curious to find out what kind of woman would be able to tame the hard-edged Sedric Lionheart.

Jessica Chase left Sed two years ago. She wanted to attend law school and Sedric was not supportive of that decision. She called off the engagement, threw her ring at him and left. Two years later, Sed runs into Jessica at a strip club. Jessica is working as a stripper because she lost her scholarship thanks to a professor that's out to get her. Apparently Jessica is this incredibly beautiful woman and all women hate her and every man wants her. Whatever. Sed causes a scene, the Sinners get into a fight and Jessica gets fired. Jessica is furious and decides to give Sed a piece of her mind, face to face. Up until this point, I was okay with Jessica. I can understand her anger with Sed. But the moment she stepped foot on the Sinners tour bus, I had major issues with her character.

The first issue I had with Jessica is that when she steps foot on the tour bus, she catches Sed in a compromising position. He's about to get his threesome on with two groupies. He spots Jessica, kicks the girls out and Jessica and Sed argue. The attraction is too much and they start kissing which eventually leads to sex. The part I take serious issue with is the fact that Jessica was okay with having sex with Sed without a condom! I don't care if you guys used to be engaged. Two years have passed, you caught him getting his oral sex on with two groupies and you're okay having sex in the raw? What the hell? I was blown away by that. Regardless of the fact that he said he has been safe 100% of the time (mean will lie to get what they want), I still wouldn't have sex with him after catching him with two groupies! Oh during all this Jessica decides that she's going to have lots of sex with Sed to teach him a lesson and get her revenge. Umm...yeah okay. Great plan. What lesson are you teaching him exactly?

This is the first of many WTF moments I experienced while reading this book. Jessica's behavior and reaction to situations was totally irrational and over the top. She gets jealous when groupies approach Sed but she's only using him for sex. So technically, she has no reason to be jealous especially when Sed shows no interest in the groupies. Jessica wants to have sex on top of the Eiffel Tower (the one in Vegas, not France) but blames Sed when they are videotaped and the video ends up on the internet. Her running mantra throughout most of the book is "Everything is Sed's fault. He's ruining my life." Well if you really feel that way, then stay out of his way and stop having sex with him! In Jessica's mind, everything Sed did to fix things for her, only made things worse. According to Jessica, she is an independent woman who doesn't need a man to rescue her. That's all fine and dandy but if said man is trying to fix the situation because he feels it's his fault that you're in this mess, then let him fix it! Even if it's not the way you want him to fix it.

We see a different side of Sed in this book. He is protective of the people he cares about. Yes, he can be over-bearing when he thinks that what he is doing is best for everyone, but his intentions are always good. His heart is in the right place. He constantly feels like he is making things worse when it comes to Jessica when all he wants is to be given a second chance. He's even willing to go along with the sex only relationship if it means he can have some semblance of a relationship with Jessica. Why he loves this woman so much I have no idea. There is very little heart-to-heart conversations between Sed and Jessica. If they're not in the bed sexing it up, they are fighting. I don't think they truly worked out their issues. And what exactly were their issues? The beginning of the book flashes back to that moment 2 years ago, when Jessica left Sed. This scene was 3 pages. That is not enough background information for me to understand why Jessica flips the hell out whenever Sed steps on her "Miss Independent" toes. I wish there was more flashbacks to other instances or discussions between them about their relationship so that I could have had a better understanding.

As usual, the Sinners relationship was written wonderfully. The camaraderie between Sed, Jace, Eric, Brian and Trey is one of the best male relationships that I've ever read in a long time. These men truly have each other's backs no matter what. They openly care for each other, joke and support each other. Trey has a great storyline in this book where he is injured and his injury brought out the best sides of each band member. And it also brought out the best side of Jessica. She stayed by Sed's side throughout the entire ordeal with Trey and was his biggest supporter. I wish she saw more of this Jessica instead of the illogical, defensive, crazy Jessica.

Cunning has written a story with great male characters who are multi-layered and complex. Rock Hard didn't have any of the light-heartedness as Backstage Pass between the main characters. Sed and Jessica are both damaged people who need more than frequent romps in the sack to solve their relationship issues. Jessica's issues with Sed are deeper than him being controlling and her need to be independent. She needs therapy; not more sex. *cough* step-father issues *cough*

Despite my issues with the heroine (and I had many), I enjoyed Rock Hard thanks to the wonderful band members. I am anxiously awaiting Jace's and Trey's books. Both men truly shined in Rock Hard. I am invested in these guys and want to see each one get their HEA.

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