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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Oct 04, 2010

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I must confess myself surprised by this title. I expected something like a crossing between the Twilight Saga with the series House of Night (of which I only read a chapter that didn't captivate me), but I came across something quite different and, to some extent, enjoyable.

Let me start with the positive points. I really liked the vampire world the author presents, with Dhampirs and two types of vampires: the Moroi, good vampires and living beings, and the Strigoi, the bad vampires and undead. We follow a Dhampir who attends St. Vladimir's Academy, where she is educated to protect the Moroi, who attend the same school. Our Dhampir, Rose, is friends with Moroi princess, Lissa, but there's more linking them than just friendship. Rose can feel Lissa due to a strange bond that unites them making her the perfect guardian for Lissa, since Strigoi want to kill Moroi and Dhampirs can only protect them. Moroi could defend themselves, since they have magic powers, but they think that the best attack is a good defense and so they rely on Dhampirs.

Basically I liked the idea but the main character is annoying (after all she's a teenager with hormones jumping around) and the story is predictable. From the moment we realize what is really at stake, we anticipate the final miles from the end of the book and it becomes frustrating when the heroine can't see it.

Still it's an entertaining read. There has been some time since I've listened to audiobooks and I think this one was a good choice. A light and pleasant reading for an afternoon spent doing several household chores.
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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Rose *is* rather annoying. :)

Carla Fortunately she kind of grows out of it a bit. :D

Anni S would you leave a comment about the book on my blog?

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