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To Die For by Linda Howard
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Oct 03, 2010

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Okay, so you know how Mac's barbie-ness in Darkfever bothered me to the point of pretty much ruining the book for me. It was actually bad enough that when I started reading To Die For and Blair's barbie-ness was revealed I actually considered not continuing. I really didn't think I would like her at all. And if I was choosing friends - well she probably wouldn't be on the list. But I really should know by now what is an annoying and poorly executed plot device in the hands of one author can be genius in the hands of another.

Linda Howard has given this character depth and warmth. She not only owns her high-maintenance but she has an understanding of how it impacts on other people. Okay, so I didn't understand how she could just forgive Wyatt for breaking it off when they started to date, nor could I understand how she was able to be as forgiving towards her sister as she was but you get a sense of her family and her history. And if that wasn't enough to make you get why she was acting a certain way then the fact that her dad took the hero aside to explain that the more scared she is then the worse she gets should help you understand. If she's hurt, if she's scared then it gets covered up with a silliness/bitchiness that because the readers have insight into her personality comes off as a charming defence mechanism and if it helps her cope with the scariness of the situation - well more power to her I guess. She's unashamedly selfish and manipulative and is generally a refreshing take on the normal "perfect" heroine.

The attempted murders are somewhat unbelievable, I really didn't get a feel for Wyatt's motivation in why he all of a sudden decided that she was worth keeping around but it was still an interesting and entertaining book.

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