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Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
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Oct 02, 2010

really liked it
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Read in October, 2010

So I started off reading Incarceron thinking it was going to blow. Pleasantly enough, it didn't and was an enjoyable read. Set in a world where 'time' stands still and a prison that's actually alive, Incarceron is mixed of scifi and fantastical elements that abound with their creativity. It's slow pace and general lack of 'spark' however kept me from loving the book.
Characters? For the most part, I really liked all the characters in here. Attia, even though she wasn't there for most of the story, was definitely my favorite and stood out with her sarcasm and honesty. She's also very herself and doesn't act like anything else, so I liked her on the spot. Claudia was pretty cool too but she had a tendency to over-dramatize the situation that made me like her less toward the end of the novel. Finn, the other main character, I liked a lot but felt he was a little too nice. I tend to enjoy my characters to be bad-ass and true to themselves so it's not surprising to me that he didn't stand out. I enjoyed the relationships between them all but felt it was mostly build up to the next book and because of that I didn't feel like anything was really happening between any of them.
Plot? I'm not going to lie, I saw ALOT of things coming with this one. I figured out a huge spoiler right in the first chapter and didn't enjoy having all this information and waiting for the characters to realize it too and do something about it. I don't like my books to give everything away, I get bored. However, I did not see one particular twist coming and that I felt made up for the rest of the stuff I did. I was quite shocked about it too, but there were clues now that I look back on it. I even noticed one but didn't figure out in time! GAH! But the plot for the most part was very good, a lot of action, a lot of magical places, items, people, etc... that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. The ending really was the only thing I had a problem with since I felt it left you there, waiting for the next book. I also felt that if this book had been longer, a lot more things could've been solved. The second book really doesn't feel necessary almost in a weird kind of way.
Writing? Fisher writes in kind of a slow moving way. I wasn't terribly filled with suspense or excitement and didn't have many thoughts of OMG GOTTA FINISH IT. More like...this is due on Friday, should finish it now. I really think it was the writing that killed it for me since the story and the creativity certainly were entertaining. While there are good slow moving books (Dreamhunter for example) this one didn't cut it for me.
All in all, Incarceron is a decent read with an amazingly creative world and a good cast of characters. It's guaranteed to make you marvel at the ideas Fisher has brought forth and to wonder about the world she has created. 4/5

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