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Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
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it was amazing
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Read 3 times. Last read May 9, 2018.

My third reading and this was as spectacular as it was the first time. Last 20% of this book is pure gold. Magnificent!!

My first five star book of the year and this book has set the standard so high for all the other fantasy books that am planning to read this year. This book is a page turner, has a really amazing world, and just awesome magic system.

the story starts with Shallan and Jasnah on their way to Shattered Plains but something bad happens on the ship. Now Shallan has only "Pattern" to help her to reach Shattered Plain. On this journey she rediscover herself and her powers. Shallan plays an important role in the discovery of Urithiru, lost city of Knight Radiants. Sanderson has transformed Shallan from a shy and scared girl of Way of Kings to a very cunning and opportunistic girl here. And finally some questions were answered about Shallan's past and it was easier to understand why Shallan is the kind of girl she is now.

Kaladin is now Captain of Dalinar's personal guard, a duty which he takes very seriously. Beside that he is also doing his best to convert Dalinar's remaining bridgemen into soldiers, teaching them about battle and discipline. I liked Kaladin but sometimes he just irritated me so much with his whining but I thoroughly enjoyed his bantering with Adolin. All the three battles that he was a part of were mesmerizing . But to me Kal was better in WoK.

Dalinar and Adolin are the other main characters after Shallan and Kal. I just loved Dalinar in this edition as much as i loved him in WoK. He is trying so hard to save Alethkar and the world from the return of voidbringers and only few people believe him. but as the saying goes, "fortune favors the brave", he holds his own in the midst of Shallan and Kal which is just amazing considering the powers of these two. I didn't like Adolin in Wok. To me he was a proud prince who didn't give much thought to other people feelings but everything changed in this book. He is more down to earth now after (view spoiler) and very likable.

We get to know more about Parshendis and their Gods because of Eshonai and Rlain. I liked how Sanderson presented them as good and bad and made Dalinar believe that not all Parshendis are bad. Also interludes were full of information and more questions.

Sanderson's writing was good but its the characters that impressed me most in this book. As always magic is awesome and am ignoring one or two things that annoyed me because of that .
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49.62% "I really want to know what Ghostbloods really want and how can be they so secretive about their mission?"
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62.14% "Part 3 done and damn you Sanderson! You know all the ways to make readers shout "unfair" and keep them on edge. But Kal you are super awesome!"
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77.86% "How things are turning out now, I feel that the climax of this book is going to overshadow what happened in WoK. My imagination is running wild right now..."
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86.26% "Last 10 chapters remains and now I don't want this to end..."
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Em*bedded-in-books* Lemme know when you start. Shall join in if possible.

Em*bedded-in-books* Already 100 pages over? O.O

Em Lost In Books its kind of hart to put it down. you will know once you start reading this.:D

Utkarsh yeah, sanderson is adept in creating dramatic scenes. the line "honor is dead," was just amazing, i loved that part

Tejas that line was something, and also Wit's japes

message 6: by Beverly (new)

Beverly Great sounding book Manju!

Em Lost In Books its a wonderful book Beverly. :)

message 8: by Mackey (new)

Mackey This sounds beautiful! Great review!

Em Lost In Books It is! Thank you.:)

Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー If you love Dalinar now, wait until you get to book 3. Oh my gosh it's good.

Em Lost In Books I read Oathbringer earlier this year. it was good but nowhere near the perfection of WoR.

Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー Manju wrote: "I read Oathbringer earlier this year. it was good but nowhere near the perfection of WoR."

Very true.

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