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How and Why all my friends in here gave such a high rating to this book is beyond my understanding and comprehension. It's not that I did't have a nice time reading it because it had some really good parts which I liked a lot, but in the overall I just can't say I loved it, not even enjoyed it much. Some parts I could only pray for the book to end soon, specially at the end. Maybe with a better ending I would have given a higher rating to the book but I just couldn't after reading it.

If there was something I loved about this book was that it was 100% different from what we usually read in this genre. Not only different but unique, I have never before read a book like it. We always get the cheery and cheesy side of events, where we have a high class heroine falling deeply in love for the most scoundrel lord out there and the hero falling deeply for her as well even though she is a spinster.
In this book we get to read about the bastard child of a hooker as a heroine. Moreover this heroines falls in love for a man in a class that will never make room for her and has bedded every women he desired. Not only that but he is a cold hearted men without any feelings or good thought towards women. But he was a good hero, a tortured soul, something I always enjoy reading about. And it always great to see how our heroine gets to change a man like that.

First of all, I never felt a real connection between the characters. I believe they could have get to be in love with each other eventually but not with the way everything developed. For example, they spent a year apart but then they get together again one day as if only a day had passed by, I mean come on, a year is a lot of time. The author should not have made it seem as something not important.
The book was just a huge contradiction most of the times. First I felt like I was reading the most realistic story ever, showing how things were for other type of people and then she would make it seem just like an erotic story with no content at all. And it's a shame because IMHO if the plot would have been better developed the book would be much better as the author does write in a way that will keep you hooked the whole time.

I dare say that if things have ended in a different way I would have got to love the hero, I really would, but I just felt that what he did wasn't enough. (view spoiler)My friend Dina just told me the epilogue makes it up for the ending, but I think people should rate this book for the book only and not for an epilogue which came later and is read separately.
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message 1: by Dina (new) - added it

Dina Vale, I haven't read this book yet but all my friends who did say that you must read the epilogue available on the author's website. It should make up for the "bad" ending in the book.

valee Maybe, but the rating should be only for the book and not for the epilogue. I'll read the epilogue and maybe rate it very high if what you say is true, but in this case my rate goes only to the book and I just couldn't accept a story like this one. Maybe I was disappointed big time because the story had a great potential and it just feels like it was wasted.

message 3: by Dina (new) - added it

Dina I know for a fact that the decision to eliminate the epilogue from the final version was made by the publisher, not by the author. She was very upset about it and that's why she decided to "publish" the epilogue on her website. Publishers always ruin things, don't you think?

valee Now I really really do because the book definitely felt unfinished. Seriously I was having a great time reading the book and I could have given 5 stars to it if things have finished differently. My problem was that once I got to the 60% of the book I already could feel thing would not end up well and I already hated the book and kept hating it because I did not want the book to end that way, It was just WRONG!

message 5: by Dina (new) - added it

Dina Let me know how you feel after you read the epilogue. I plan to read this book next year.

valee Okay,I'll let you know very soon because now that you told me there is a true HEA for them I just need to read it,LOL.

Samantha Yes, she made it very clear that she wanted to add those few pages in the story but the publisher put a stop to it. I liked the epilogue.

message 8: by Desperado (last edited Dec 03, 2010 07:43PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Desperado Hmmmm. Your review makes me very worried, Vale. I was already pretty indecisive about spending $8+ on a book by an unknown-to me-author. Then I downloaded the sample onto my Kindle & wasn't feeling it. Now this. Suck ass ending-disregarding the separate epilogue- AND not being able to easily connect with the h/h? Not to mention, someone told me this novel read like a freaking soap opera, a la "As the World Turns." *Lethal sighs* I'm not going to take this book off of my TBR shelf just yet, but I won't be buying it anytime soon.

Thank you very much for writing this review, Vale. If I can count on anyone to tell it like it is, it's you.

valee LOL, I'm very honest when it comes to my reviews. IMHO it would be better if you can get someone to lend you the book. I don't think I'll remember much of the book in a week from now. I enjoyed it, but did not loved it. I was so damn frustrated with the ending. But after reading the epilogue, which is not part of the book,you have to get it form the authors website, I really got to care for it. I just think really wrong decisions were made here.

Desperado Thanks, Vale. I'll definitely take your advice. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow it from someone once this new lending feature becomes available on Kindle. Love ya, girl. I absolutely hate wasting money & your review has saved me hella cash.

valee LOL, happy to help. Maybe you will like it, but then you can buy the next book. Try borrowing this one so you see how you feel about it first.

Desperado Will do!

Fani *loves angst* Vale,
I agree with you that lousy ending aside, the book didn't manage to reach its potential. Her writing is very nice, her heroes interesting, but her plot needed some adjustements in the pace and some details (like the ending or their spending time apart or his being in love with a woman he couldn't recognize) should have been handled better. IMHO there was a lull in the pace after the middle of the book and the hero's inner thoughts ("oh, I'm worthless, i'm nothing") got repetitious after a while. Nothing a good editor couldn't correct, but unfortunately didn't.

valee Exactly. Glad too see other thinking the same I did.


Spoiler Whore-Momoa The epilogue is the best of the book. Too bad it was cut out.

message 16: by Susan (new)

Susan Lawson Thank you for your review. I was on the fence about buying this book. My gut said no but there were so nany great reviews. I am so glad I read your spoilers. Just him having sec with another woman would have made me furious then he marries and has a baby with her??!!No no no. This is not the book for me. There is no redemption from all that!! Thanks Valee!!

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