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Naked Edge by Pamela Clare
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Sep 30, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: romantic-suspense, native-american-romance

Relationship development was sweet, but plot development weak. The story needed more interesting action.

Kat is Navajo and participates in ceremonies at Mesa Butte, Native American sacred land. A bad cop raids the ceremony one night throwing Kat and her friends off the land. They had a legal right to be there. The cop was wrong. Kat is an investigative journalist and writes the story making local authorities look bad. Soon after, Grandpa Red Crow dies at Mesa Butte. The police call it a drunken suicide. Kat believes it was murder and starts investigating. Kat receives death threats and someone shoots at her.

Gabe is a mountain parks ranger for the area. He first met Kat when she fell in a rock slide. He was nearby and rescued her. He met her again when the bad cop raided the ceremony. He tried to stop the cop. He also helped Kat afterwards. Three years earlier he was hurt by his ex-fiancé who died. Gabe has sworn he will never love again. We don’t know the details. He has sex with women, but never a relationship. Kat is a virgin and wants no sex until she finds Mr. Right.

I’m halfway through the book, and it hasn’t taken off for me. I’m waiting to be able to say this is good. So far there are three mysteries. How did Grandpa Red Crow die? What’s the story about Gabe’s ex fiancé? Someone has been digging on sacred land and shoots at Kat. I haven’t felt any fear or excitement. It’s more mystery than suspense. A relationship has started to develop between Kat and Gabe which is nice.

There was too much repetitive pondering. A conversation would happen. Then later, Kat or Gabe would replay that conversation in their minds as the reader hears it again. This happened way too much.

I found it interesting to learn some of the Navajo thinking and traditions which were sprinkled throughout the story. I admired Kat’s strengths and smarts when she survived the rock slide. I also enjoyed Gabe’s sensitive, patient, protective, and loving nature with Kat.

For some interesting thoughts on the characters, see Carrie’s review. I agree with her.

CAUTION SEMI-SPOILERS (I don’t give away the bad guy):
There are almost no events to develop the plot. There is no slowly accumulating or interesting discovery of facts and evidence. All of a sudden at the end, a witness is found who can answer questions and say what was going on. It was almost a letdown. It was “telling after the fact” rather than showing. I didn’t see our hero or heroine doing interesting things to solve the mystery. Their major action was surviving murder attempts. It might have been better if we were more in the minds of the bad guys.

How the bad guy found Gabe and Kat at the safe house was too convenient and contrived. As they were driving to the safe house, a bad guy followed them for a good part of the way. This follower was then discovered and stopped by a good guy. But the good guys didn’t change their plans. This troubled me.

I had a problem with one event in which the heroine was stupid and inconsistent. She suffered because her father never married her mother which is why she planned never to have sex until she found Mr. Right. Gabe specifically told her he did not want a permanent relationship. Now she is going to ignore logic and repeat her mother’s mistake? She wanted to have sex without condoms or birth control. She claimed it was a Navajo tradition to share bodily fluids when losing her virginity. Then she continued to have sex this way. I don’t require all heroines to be smart. But when she does something stupid, I’d like to see a logical reason. This was not logical. I saw it as mini-suspense “Gee I sure hope she doesn’t get pregnant.”

Story length: 370 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 9. Approximate number of sex scene pages: 34. Setting: current day Colorado. Copyright: 2010. Genre: romantic suspense, Native American.

To date I’ve read the following Pamela Clare books (I-Team series).
3 ½ stars. Extreme Exposure (Book 1)
3 stars. Hard Evidence (Book 2)
4 ½ stars. Unlawful Contact (Book 3)
2 stars. Naked Edge (Book 4)
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Norma Oh no! Ok, but didn't you love the interaction between Julian and Marc? Come on. That's worth another star, isn't it?

I totally agree on the birth control thing. It reallly irritated me!

Jane Stewart Norma, I am SOOOOOO TEMPTED to give it one more star just for you, just because you asked!

Yes I loved the brotherly banter and bonding between Julian and Marc. The football throwing was so neat.

Carrie Well, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it more, but I do understand why you didn't. Good summary of your impressions. It's amazing how books hit people differently! ;-) Oh, and thanks for the nod i your review!

Jane Stewart It IS interesting how we see different things. That's good.

message 5: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY LOL! When a book is classified as a romantic suspense because the reader is tense about whether the heroine will get pregnant, it spells disaster for me! Okay, maybe you didn't classify it but that was I did after I read your review.

I had just added it to my MF shortlist then saw your review and took it right off. I'm off to check what else you've got that I need to be warned about. Thanks, again, Jane:)

Jane Stewart LOL Glad to be your "warning" flagger. Thanks Elaine.

message 7: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY This was one installment I chose not to read based on the blurb and reviews but since I' m buying the audiobooks for the rest, I decided I might as well get this, too.

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