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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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really liked it
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This book was so darn creepy and delicious that I just want to take a moment to shriek: IT IS REALLY GOOD at you. Okay. I'm good now. I've done my shrieking.


So I went into this book knowing a lot of people liked it but not knowing really what it was about. <-- #StoryOfMyLifeSinceIAmTooLazyToReadBlurbs (My bad.) But it's basically about Mara Dyer (SURPRISE) who has PTSD after an accident that killed all her friends. So she and family move to a new town. Start a new life. But these weird hallucinations keep happening and Mara is freaking out of her braaaaaaain. AND IT'S REALLY ADDICTIVE. That's what I really long for in books!! I want to not be able to put it down!! I want to have 982343 questions and be flipping pages to find out!!

Plus the writing style is really easy to read and it didn't feel bogged down with details or slow at any point. HUZZAH.

And the characters. Omg. I have a severely small tiny huge gargantuan love of these characters. Don't doubt that statement, okay? Just go with it. For once Mara has a family. YES. A FAMILY. And they actually impact her life!! Holy macaroni, what is this dream I'm living. *ahem* So I loved Mara of course, because she is kind of sassy and sarcastic and yet a total unreliable narrator and very unhinged. It was hard to know if something was real or not. But that's why I liked the story?! REAL OR NOT REAL, KATNISS. YOU TELL ME. And she had an awesome relationship with her brother Daniel. He was a fun dude who really cared about his little sister. Even though they were kinda mean to each other sometimes. (Also her mother was Indian, so I'm a little disappointed Mara wasn't more Indian...but she was very specifically "nothing like her mother". Gah. Opportunity for a POC and....ya missed it. boo.)

Oh and Noah. Let's talk about Noah. BUT HOW DO WE TALK ABOUT NOAH. GAH. THIS BOY. He's a complex mess and reminded me so so much of Miles from Made You Up. He's the love interest and kinda snarky and mean and has so many rumours and is rich and basically insufferable at the same time as he's really caring. AND IDEK I JUST LIKED HIM. The romance is quite intense in this book. I did like it, but at times I wished it focused more on the mystery aspects instead...

And I really liked the hallucination aspect because it felt so...unhinged. The entire book really caught that. And it was shiveringly good.

But there were a few things I wasn't so fond of, which I shall squall here:
• It gets confusing towards the end. Like some of the circumstances are SO outrageous and unlikely I thought they'd end up being hallucinations...but...they weren't? Hmm.
• Going off above...I had to suspend disbelief a lot. Me no likee.
• The school and the bullying seemed just..cliche? Gah. Maybe I'm being too fussy...
• Mara's parents seemed awfully eager to believe she wasn't having a rough time...maybe they were just being oblivious on purpose? But they seemed okay to let her run out with Noah ALL THE TIME when it was clear she should be, erm, maybe looked after a little more closely.
• Mara's name is kinda a spoiler...Don't look up her name, obviously, if you don't want to know. But I knew already so I already figured out a TON of stuff about her just on her name. So that backfired for the author. Oops?
• Also Mara gets a REALLY awesome friend, Jamie, who's like gay and black and genius and super interesting...but he sort of just gets dumped from the plot line?! Like he means ZERO to the story and then gets cut out and....I'm annoyed. I hate it when heroines can't have friends because all they can focus on is their BOYFRIEND. Meeerp.

Basically it was a solidly liked book for me! YAYAYAYA. I haven't had one in a few reads now! BLISSFUL HAPPINESS. And by "happy" I mean so-many-people-got-murdered-and-it-was-freaky-and-I-need-the-sequel-right-now-because-dangit-cliffhanger-of-torture-right-there. Gotta love those endings. GOTTA LOVE THIS BOOK BASICALLY.
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Annemieke / A Dance with Books Agreeing so much about Jamie! He was awesome, and then he disappeared. Me no like.

message 2: by Bee (new) - added it

Bee You really should stop doing this, you know. STAPH GIVING ME BOOKS TO READ CAIT! It's okay though, it's not like I have a zillion books to read already. x)

C.G. Drews @Annemieke: I hope he maybe comes back in the next books?!?!

@Bieke: I'd say sorry...bUT I'M NOT. MWAHHAHHA.

message 4: by Bee (new) - added it

Bee That's evil. But I still love you so. I've had this on my TBR for ages anyways. SIGH.

Devin This is my #1 favorite trilogy and your review made me want to reread the whole thing. STOP DOING THIS TO ME! I HAVE FINALS TO STUDY FOR!

Cassie I am SO THRILLED that you liked it!!!
And don't worry, Jamie comes back! He is the greatest.

Marie YAAY, I'm so glad to hear that you liked this book, it's one of my favorites!! Let me reassure you, I LOVE JAMIE, he's so cool and all kinds of awesome, and just DO read the other books because you'll see more of him, and I want to know how you feel about the rest of the story :D

Bryony YESSSSS. CAIT. OH MY GOOD LORD. Wait until you finish Evolution. That ending is DEADLY. Aw, reading this makes me wish I could read the series again with a clean slate.

Misha Agree with everything you said! I loved the book with all my heart but I totally agree with the flaws you pointed out :)

message 10: by evi (new) - rated it 5 stars

evi *aggresively hugs this review because it is so so accurate* YES. I just want all of the others right now but I don't want them to fail???
(also, btw, Jamie describes himself as bi in the book. :D The random things I remember while speedreading, ahahah)

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