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The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
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Sep 28, 2010

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bookshelves: young-adult, 2011, paranormal, paranormal-romance, urban-fantasy, were-something, we-are-never-getting-back-together
Recommended for: Paranormal Romance Fans
Read from September 06 to 09, 2011

Grace Divine, daughter of the town's pastor, is just a normal girl trying to do well in AP art, and maybe catch the eye of a cute boy. That is until her childhood friend and crush, Daniel, comes back to town after years of being away. Darker, dangerous, and sexier, Daniel gets under Grace's skin as easily as she is drawn to him. But when strange things start to happen, her brother becomes more than a little paranoid, and secrets get revealed, Grace must figure out what exactly happened the night Daniel disappeared, and what it has to do with her own family's problems.

The Dark Divine fits pretty well in the paranormal romance department. Grace and Daniel are a typical good girl/bad boy combination with secrets to tear them apart from one another, while the rest of the paranormal cast provide the suspense and mystery. The Dark Divine is also one of those books I didn't hate, but certainly didn't love. It's one of those meh books, where you just can't care for it more than that, but don't care enough about it to bash it.

So the story's pretty predictable, and if you've read enough paranormal romance, like I have, you'll easily get a feel for the formula and 'mystery.' For the most part I figured out most of the events and twists that occurred in this novel, and zipped my way through it wondering when Grace, our heroine, would get a clue. Or stop moaning over Daniel. I hope my 'shelves' up top don't ruin for any of you, but to be perfectly honest, it's kind of obvious.

The ending was where I was disappointed the most, because it's such an obvious ploy to continue the series instead of wrapping things up semi-nicely. I admit there's a few things that do need to be wrapped up that could use a sequel, but I didn't really like the way it was done. But, then again, I felt no need to read the next one, so it could just be me.

The romance is typical good-girl-wants-bad-boy-who-has-a-secret-but-can't-tell-good-girl-because-it-could-hurt-her-or-destroy-their-relationship-but-he's-going-to-be-all-over-her-like-a-bipolar-mental-patient-because-he-can't-help-himself lurves her. It was also another one of those relationships that's based on feeling, events, and development that all occurred in the past, and therefore doesn't need the author to actually create a relationship between the two, but tell us that there is one. I'm not a fan of any of those things, so I didn't care much for the romance.

Though nice kissing scene.

I really can't comment much on the characters, besides the fact that their allegiance, ie the goodies and baddies, was pretty apparent to me, though sadly not to oblivious Grace. Grace as a heroine was kind of annoying for a lot of the novel, because she was so naive as well as goody-freaking-two-shoes. And she was all over Daniel.

The religious aspect, (yes that does show up) was tame in this novel, and shouldn't be a problem for YA readers who aren't religious or aren't of Grace's faith. (I think it's Christian of some sort...) Most of the mentions are related to Grace's family, in particular her father, and there are very few mentions to Grace's own philosophy on it.

The writing was decent, but nothing comes to mind on either praising or bashing it in particular. It kept me entertained, and I easily finished it in a day or so. It's a quick read regardless, and even if you don't care for it that much, it's easy enough to just finish without having to drag yourself through it.

All in all, The Dark Divine was a typical paranormal romance, something that's getting a bit too common and overdone in today's YA market. If you enjoy the genre, you'll probably enjoy this novel, though I, myself, am feeling a bit annoyed with the typical formula. Regardless, it's quick, easy to read, and has a compelling, if predictable plot. 3/5
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