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Three Days in New York City by Robin Slick
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Sep 28, 2010

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bookshelves: erotic-fiction

2.5 stars. An essay about an unfulfilling sexual affair.

Elizabeth is married, 39 years old, and has two college age boys. She has been having internet sex chats with Richard for several months. Richard is married and British. They agree to meet and spend three days in New York City to act out their sexual fantasies. The story is told from Elizabeth’s point of view. Through much of the story she is self conscious, nervous, anxious, fearful, shy and intimidated. She is having a lot of sex with Richard, but she isn’t enjoying it because of her anxious feelings. She describes Richard as gorgeous, brilliant and an incredible lover, but she is bored when listening to him talk about rugby, the Royals and his Jaguar cars. She is bored when she accompanies him shopping for clothes. When they separate for a few hours due to his business meeting, she is impatient for him to leave and doesn’t look forward to his return. When he does return, they continue their sex games. When the three days are done, she is glad to be going home.

There is a lot of sex, but it’s not as much of a turn on as other erotic books because Elizabeth is so anxious. For example, she worries about what her body looks like. She tries to avoid being in the bathroom with Richard because the lights are too bright and he will see more of her flaws. I didn’t find the book humorous but some readers might. The more interesting part is seeing how having an affair based only on sex can be unfulfilling. Toward the end, Elizabeth realizes more about herself and becomes less tentative with Richard. Before I read it, I thought this book was under the umbrella of romance novels, but now I don’t think so. The couple does not get together at the end, they separate. And, the ending is happy only because she is glad that it’s over and she is going home. As an essay on an unfulfilling affair, I guess it’s ok, meaning 3 stars. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for myself.

Story length: 126 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong/erotic with light bondage, sex toys and rear door activity. Number of sex scenes: 11. Total number of sex scene pages: 34. Setting: current day New York City. Copyright: 2006. Genre: erotic fiction.

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