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The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight
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Sep 28, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: erotic-paranormal-romance
Read in September, 2008

It was ok, but I wanted it to be over. Nothing grabbed me emotionally.

Bad vampire Ridgemont turns Cade and Hirsch into vampires. At the time 1883, Cade was a Texas Ranger. Hirsch was a Nazi sadist around 1940 when he was turned. Ridgemont has power over the younger two vampires and forces them to help him kill Valerie’s family. Valerie is a human with psychic powers. Ridgemont and Hirsch kill her parents, but Cade helps Valerie escape with her sister Beth. Valerie was 12 at the time. As she is growing up, Cade visits her in her dreams. Because of her psychic power, she will bring extra power to any vampire who turns her into a vampire. Cade tries to protect her from Ridgemont and Hirsch who want her.

The events seemed to drag. I wanted things to happen sooner than they did. There was a little too much pondering in the mind of Cade about not wanting to change Valerie. I wasn’t emotionally drawn in. I didn’t feel anything while I was reading.

CAUTION SPOILERS (good parts of the story):
One thing that was interesting that wasn’t in the typical vampire story was the character Abigail. She was Cade’s sister. She died in 1865 of yellow fever. Instead of going to the Brightness permanently, she stayed around as a ghost to help Cade. She warned him of danger. She communicated with Valerie, educating Valerie about the history between Ridgemont and Cade. She helped convince Valerie to let Cade change her into a vampire.

There was a good scene at the end about killing Ridgemont. It surprised me.

Story length: 312 pages. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 16. Length of sex scenes: 2 short scenes (1 paragraph each) and 14 longer scenes (average length 2.4 pages with the longest scene just over 6 pages). Setting: 2003 Atlanta, New York City, and a few other places in the U.S. Copyright: 2004. Genre: erotic paranormal romance.

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