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The Bodyguard by Cherry Adair
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Sep 27, 2010

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Read from November 11 to 12, 2010

Temptation On Ice by Cherry Adair is "hot"! This novella set in the T-Flac series features operative Sebastian Tremayne who is a chameleon able to absorb and channel other supernaturals powers for his own use... Michaela Giese is the beauty who caught his eye 2 years prior as she was engaged to his best friend, a fellow T-Flac agent.....
The story is dynamic and full of intrigue, espionage and very steamy scenes that the author is known for throughout her books... I enjoyed this Paranormal Romance with an edge of brutal danger, fast paced action, classically evil villians and male and female lead characters whose fiery passion for each other add spice on every page!

Temptation In Shadows by Gena Showalter is "hotter"! The second novella in the anthology once again is a Paranormal Romance with supernaturally talented male and female lead characters.. Sean Walker is in no way your "average" male, his ability to harness the power of shadow is not only a very handy talent but also something that has over his life time forced him to choose solitude over friends and companions... Until meeting Gabby! Gabrielle Huit is a young woman with an even more unique ability, one forced upon her as a child, which has caused her to become hunted by people who wish to use this same talent for their gain... Her past has also taught her never to get close to anyone, trust can only get you hurt in the long run... That changes when she encounters Sean! This one is a deadly race to see which faction gets to Gabby first, Sean and his group of covert operatives or the bad guys who want her for their own nefarious purposes... Truth be told this was not the best story have read by the author but enjoyed the unique characters she created nonetheless!

Hunting Temptation by Lorie O'Clare was "okay".. The fact that this novella shifted gears somewhat and featured a young female Werewolf, Jenna Drury as the main heroine was not bad.. The human male, bounty hunter Seth Gere was sexy as all get out and one that would make any woman proud to take him home... My problem was the repetitive use of sniffing in the story line... They would sniff out the scent of lust, or rage, or bewilderment or whatever emotion! Just like others have talked lately about the overuse of someone in a book having a love of all things pink, when an author keeps on and on with one phrase it turns me off what is actually a good story... While I did read the entire story and enjoyed the plot, the sexual content, the characters in the story that overuse of certain words just about drove me over the edge by the end of the book!

All in all The Bodyguard was fast entertainment but is not something that I will reread!

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