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The Remedy by Suzanne Young
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really liked it
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This one was wandering around the 3-star range for me...and then WELL HELLO TO THAT EPILOGUE. How can 3 pages change everything so suddenly and horrendously?! AHHHHH. Basically this book is rather incredible and fully emotional but I had a few scowling moments at it. Oh, hold onto your socks, my friends, I SHALL TELL ALL. Give me a second.

Firstly: You could read this as a standalone. It's a prequel to The Program duology. I read The Program and then the sequel, The Treatment, before reading The Remedy. The Remedy has WAY more meaning (particularly that epilogue!!) if you've read the other two, but it still is a story all on its own. It's about different characters. But it's like the "how did the suicide epidemic start"? Although that question doesn't get answered, it still pokes at the beginnings.

Okay but the premise is WEIRD. I had a lot of trouble accepting it. I mean, I "get" it, but...what is this madness?! Basically there is this company that hires out people who will go take the place of a dead person and coach a family through the grief processes. It's designed so the family will be able to "say their goodbyes". The families hire "closers" to come and pose as the deceased. ISN'T THAT KINDA CREEPY?! And the book definitely raises that question too, because Closers get abused a lot by people who think their job is nuts. But, ultimately, they do help the families get closure and move on with their lives. Sometimes saying that final "goodbye" or "I'm sorry" or "I love you" is what they need to move on. Obviously the case that the book is about is "different"...and things aren't textbook. It makes the book hugely emotional and saddening. And there's a HUGE element of mystery around this one because the cause of the client's death is "unknown" and everyone in the family is keeping secrets and DUM DUM DAAAAAA. MYSTERY IS ON THE HORIZON.

My main issue, though, with the book, is that the characters are EXACTLY THE SAME as in The Program. SO if you haven't read The Program, this isn't going to bother you. But The Program is narrated by Sloane, and her boyfriend is James. In The Remedy: Quinlan narrates and her boyfriend is Deacon. Their personalities are all IDENTICAL. Their voices are the same. The boyfriends are super moody and whiny. The girls are calm and nice. It was like deja vu the whole time. This really bothered me, because I was hoping for something fresh, you know?

It's totally an emotional read, but a bit confusing. Like WHY did the company send Quin on a case when she was due for a holiday? Why did they send Quin when she was emotionally compromised? How the HECK does this actually help?! I mean she's posing as a dead person (though everyone knows it, cause she's hired to do this) and Quin makes a huge mess of the situation. She doesn't appear to be giving anyone closure at all. There are next to NO grief talks. And whenever Quin opens her mouth around her "fake family" she's just spewing sterile "it'll be okay" crap that just didn't cut it for me.

I spent the whole book feeling hot and cold towards it. I LOVED it one minute, and then had too many questions the next. GAH.

Ohhhh but the ENDING IS TERRIFIC. It ties into The Program so so well. It answers ALL the questions, but the most crucially important ones are in that epilogue. Omg. The epilogue HURTS. It just kind of stabs the entire book in the face. Ahhhhhh!!! I WAS SO IMPRESSED. And the plot twist?! The plot twist is INCREDIBLE. I believe my mouth is open like a codfish but I don't even care. Wow, just wow.

I got totally sucked into this story! It's sad and emotional (even though the mood is occasionally ruined by Quin's clinical replies) and definitely unique. I love the writing style and the subtle jokes and quips. The romance wasn't my favourite but I did ship Quin and Declan because their sexual tension was hiiiiiigh. I'd read more from this author in a heartbeat! I just hope...in her other books...the characters don't all sound the same. **sigh**
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message 1: by Carrie (new)

Carrie I wasn't going to read this...but now I want to know what's in that epilogue!

message 2: by B (new) - rated it 3 stars

B I don't really get how this book tied into the program all that well? I feel like there should be another book to go with this one. I still have quetions like how is Quinn going to deal with her boyfriend's betrayal.

Victoria The last couple of pages KILLED ME

Shannon I agree. I wasn't sure how I felt until the plot twist at the end. And then the epilogue. Oh, I can't. The next book is just too far away.

Johanna Ellwood I still feel like I don't know why Quin was chosen to "close" this case? And why was so much stuff kept a secret? I don't see how that ties in with the ending. Oh well. It was still a good read.

Joshua Harris Quinn is much more descriptive than Sloane. She can go on and on, explaining something. Sloane was slightly more direct with her explanations. It seemed more about the world of The Program rather than Sloane and James. This book is so character focused rather than world building, which is why I love Quinn more than Sloane (unpopular opinion)

Lily Forsman Completely agree with everything you said. I feel like there’s a knife twisted in my gut after the ending.

message 8: by Ava (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ava I have never related to a review more. That really summed up the book.

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