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Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell
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Sep 27, 2010

really liked it
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An exciting debut in the young adult genre Fallen Angel is the first book in a series that supposedly is going to be of 6 books . I was able to read this book thanks to IBT. At first I wasn’t very convinced because of the book description mixing Angels & Vampires can be a bit tricky but I was glued since page 1, in one I sit I read almost 200 pages but unlucky the last quarter of the book suffers because it reaches a point where it gets slow and it gets a bit hard to still be interested as you were at beginning and the end is not a blowing mind as I thought it would be but even after that I think the book deserves a chance.

Ellie, the heroine of the story, is a normal teenager she’s not in the popular crowd but she’s not a social pariah either. She’s just a normal girl trying to cope with her powers, the harsh of being a teenager and also the fact that her parents are trying to save the world doing missionary work every year and they expected a lot from her. What I liked about Ellie is that she is not our typical female character who needs saving nor the kicking ass heroine either she’s in the middle, making her responsible and a person to make things done without much help. I like characters like this because there’s a balance and it feels more real, well at least to me.

And there’s Michael, the new hot boy who is extremely handsome and have obvious fixation for Ellie. Even though his character is very important in the story I must confess he was in need of more personality, I mean they shared this undeniable bond and also their powers. In some way he was a mentor for her and yet she seemed a stronger character which is not bad but yet the male character isn’t very interesting if you find him weak. I expect a LOT more from him in Eternity.

The author took her time to work on the antecedents of the story, the idea of angels & vampires theory didn’t seem absurd nor forced. I think the main flaw of the book is the ending, you are expecting something BIG to happen and something do happen but it was very anticlimactic and the antagonist of the story was a bit weak even though he explains his motives I think there should have more background about him and the end revelation of who is? It should shock you but since the end was a bit blah I think that in the end the character was not wise used. But please do give this book an opportunity, is a fast action paced and almost all the book would leave you asking for more.

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