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The Odyssey of Homer by Homer
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Sep 26, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: school
Read from September 26 to October 25, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I didn't read the glossary, if you did I recommend going on one of those widely-successful sites like
I would never have read this if my crazy teacher hadn't said, "Please hand in your books tomorrow morning so i can grade them and return them. Yes, I blame you Mr. L. He actually seems to like this book......Elevated speech or whatever is stupid--it just wastes space. Instead of saying, "Oh, greetings to you, Nestor the Gerenian horseman. What brings you to my fine land. Who fair thee? Is your wife well or has she left you for another lesser man?" can't we just say, "S'up?"?
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Reading Progress

09/26/2010 page 38
10.0% "Just glad I don't have to annotate yet. But I kinda like it (gasp!)."
09/30/2010 page 40
10.0% "Screw annotating."
10/03/2010 page 64
16.0% "Why Homer? Why? Why did you write this book?"
10/06/2010 page 110
28.0% "Who invented annotating? Why do they hate people?"
10/11/2010 page 180
45.0% "I must have read about 50 pages today and I still have more to do. I think my brain is starting to feel the affects."
10/14/2010 page 200
50.0% "My bio takes Tim's Odyssey which looks like it has received the torture it rightly deserved. "This book looks well-loved," she said. "THis book is a great example of Grecian Legacy." Yes, she read it. YEs, it seems like she LIKED it. Yes, elle a les problemes serieuse dans la tete (she has serious mental issues)."
10/14/2010 page 200
50.0% "My bio teacher, that is."
10/19/2010 page 270
68.0% "This guy I know almost threw away my book. I would've considered letting him do it, but I need it, so unfortunately I still have it."
10/22/2010 page 280
70.0% "The same guy who almost tossed me book said, "I would burn my ODYESSEY if I didn't need it for the test." Stupid test."
10/24/2010 page 310
78.0% "Almost there! 9 pages 'til the glossary. I'm NOT reading that part."
10/24/2010 page 310
78.0% "Almost there! 9 pages 'til the glossary. I'm NOT reading that part."
05/18/2017 marked as: school

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message 1: by Yasmin (new) - added it

Yasmin What a scathing criticism...but, yeah, why can't they just say "'Sup?"
I kind of liked it, though, call me a nerd.

Brittany Nerd. Although today Ms. Spec said, "Don't you do proofs for fun on Saturday nights?" "No!" was our response. Then someone called her a nerd, and she was like, "I take that as a compiment."

message 3: by Yasmin (new) - added it

Yasmin We nerds have to band together! (Does that counts as a pun 'cause you're a band geek?) But I do my proofs after French homework, it's nice...

And, so far, Oediphus Rex blows. I don't like reading dramas. But since Oediphus is too close to Odysseus and I keep calling him Ody in my brain, his nickname is Eddy. :<

Brittany Lol. I really dont want to read it. Especially 'cuz we have to act it out (shudder). WHo will play Oediphus? and his mom? (more shudder)

message 5: by Yasmin (new) - added it

Yasmin EW, I completely forgot about that part. Hopefully there won't be any actual scenes, and they'll just gloss over it...

Brittany Gosh, yeah, I hope so. Awkwardness!

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