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Stranger with My Face by Lois Duncan
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Sep 26, 2010

it was ok

Everyone has felt, at one time or another, that they were being watched. Seventeen-year-old Laurie Stratton was right. Someone is not only watching her, but also pretending to be her. Her friends claim to see her in places she has never been, and her family sees her around the house when she’s been at school all day. Then the copycat starts appearing in reflections and dreams. She talks to Laurie and she looks exactly like her. Laurie soon finds out that she was adopted, and that the ghost who’s been wandering around her home is her twin sister, Lia. Lia is using astral projection, a way of having your spirit fly leave your body and go anywhere you like while your body lays behind, seemingly dead. Lia teaches Laurie to astrally project, but it is very hard for Laurie at first. When Laurie finds out that Lia has been luring her friends into traps to hurt them and control who Laurie hangs out with, she realizes that Lia really is the evil twin. When Laurie is using astral projection one day, she returns to find her body occupied. Lia had stolen her body! Lia had left behind her own body in a psychiatric ward in New Mexico to come live as Laurie on tiny Brighton Island. Laurie will have to find a way to get Lia out of her body before her own spirit fades away altogether.

The main theme of this novel is that some things are better left unknown. If Laurie hadn’t investigated Lia and found out that they were twins, if she hadn’t gotten close to Lia and learned to astrally project, Lia would never have had the opportunity to take Laurie’s body. If Laurie had focused on the present, on her adoptive family that actually loved her, as opposed to someone she’d known briefly seventeen years before, nothing would have happened, and no one would have gotten hurt. If she hadn’t opened up Pandora’s box, the evil wouldn’t have escaped.

I would only give this book two stars because although it had a good plot line, I didn’t think it was emotional enough or detailed enough to fill it out into a great story. If someone stole your body, I think you’d have some emotion other than mild surprise. If there had been more description or feeling in the book, it would have been better.

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message 1: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn Again, please post this to our group page - Fieldsies. I am especially impressed by your assessment of the plot. I agree.

Brittney I appreciate your thoughts on the theme of this book. It helps settle the fact that we don't know exactly what happens to Jeff and Helen at the end.

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