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Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper
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Sep 26, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: snarky-contemporary-paranormal-fict
Read in April, 2009

I was hoping to laugh a lot, but it wasn’t a good fit for me. Lovers of snarky humor might enjoy it more.

Jane is a librarian. She is fired so her boss can hire an incompetent relative. Jane gets drunk and trips by the side of the road. Another drunk thinks she’s a deer and shoots her. Gabriel, a nearby vampire turns Jane into a vampire to save her from death. The rest of the book is about Jane complaining and reacting to annoying and/or unfortunate events with slightly snarky sarcasm. Vampires live openly among humans but are looked down upon as being lower class. Jane is afraid to tell her parents she is a vampire. Her mother nags about Jane getting married, etc. Jane’s best friend is a guy who falls in love with a female werewolf. Jane reluctantly adjusts her attitude to get along with the werewolf. Someone is committing crimes and framing Jane. Gabriel is the potential romantic interest, but there is no romance. Their relationship feels more like big brother helping Jane along in her new world. At the end of the book, they were still at the “good friends” stage, but there is a hint that something might develop between them in the future. The purpose of this book is humor as opposed to romance.

When I bought this I thought I was getting humorous paranormal romance. Unfortunately there was no romance which disappointed me. I also didn’t laugh as much as I’d hoped. I did chuckle several times but not enough to recommend buying the book.

Story length: 355 pages. Swearing language: moderate. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 1, 3 pages long. Setting: current day Kentucky. Copyright: 2009. Genre: snarky contemporary paranormal fiction.
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message 1: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen I have not read this book, and I understand your points about snarky humor and negative potshots, but this same author wrote How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf, which I did like. Set in Alaska, I liked the secondary characters and the warm community feeling at the diner where the heroine worked. The romance was decent, and sexy, and the suspense wasn't too bad either.
How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #1) by Molly Harper

Jane Stewart Thanks Kathleen, It looks good. I just bought it :)

message 3: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Hope you enjoy it! It's not perfect, but fun. Fingers crossed.

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