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Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare
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Sep 26, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: high-seas-regency-romance

I didn’t understand some of the logic, and I didn’t like the reasons for much of the conflict.

Sophia’s parents arranged a marriage for her to someone she didn’t love. She will receive her trust fund money when she becomes 21. She manages to get 600 pounds, which she will live on until she can inherit the rest of her trust fund. Gray owns the ship Aphrodite. His brother Joss is the captain. Sophia arranges passage on their ship to take her to Tortola in the Caribbean. She uses a fake name “Jane” and tells them she is a governess planning to work for someone on the island. She is an artist and creates pictures of Gray and others on the ship during the voyage. Gray used to be a privateer (a pirate with the blessings of England to plunder ships from enemy countries). Now he has a legitimate shipping operation. Joss is angry with Gray over past incidents. Gray is trying to mend their relationship and wants to do what Joss asks. Joss asks Gray not to kiss or seduce Sophia during the voyage.

The main conflict between Sophia and Gray for over half of the book is Sophia wants to lose her virginity to Gray. Gray refuses because he told Joss he wouldn’t. Gray wants her but doesn’t let her know it. She thinks he is rejecting her.

My major problem was I didn’t like the reasons for conflict – lies, misunderstandings, and logic I didn’t understand. Gray avoids Sophia because he told Joss he would. Later when Gray and Sophia became a couple, Joss was fine with it. I didn’t understand the logic of Joss’s initial request and later change of mind. The next conflict is Gray being mad at Sophia for lying to him about her identity. Another conflict was her decision to leave him but not telling him why. She decided that his life would be better without her, without giving him a chance to discuss alternatives. Another conflict was letting him believe she had left him, when she really hadn’t. I also found it hard to believe that a judge believed a lie.

I was also uncomfortable with the logic of Sophia’s action at the end. She believed she would be tainted and rejected by her family and society, yet she gave away her money. The consequence could have been destitution unless she lived with missionaries or got some kind of a job – neither of which would allow her to pursue her passion in life which was her art.

There was nothing special or different about the conversations. I’m sad to say that I wanted the book to be over.

On the positive side, I enjoyed the character Davy and the events surrounding him. I also enjoyed the action scene involving Gray and another ship.

Story length: 384 pages. Swearing language: moderate. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 6. Total number of sex scene pages: 25. Setting: 1817-1818 Gravesend, United Kingdom, the high seas, and Tortola in the Caribbean. Copyright: 2009. Genre: high seas regency romance.
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