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Falling by E.K. Blair
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it was amazing

I didn't think it was possible to love this series and these characters more, but E.K. Blair proved me wrong with Falling.

I don't have the right amount of words to say how much I just loved this book. How much I loved and was blown away by Ryan's perspective and character and mind and thoughts and feelings and emotions and vulnerabilities. I am in awe of this book and Ryan's character.

Falling was a brilliant conclusion to the Fading Series, and it satisfied me immensely with all that it gave me. It was yet another chance to get to know these characters and their intertwining lives and stories. It was another chance to fully feel and experience a book on a truly extraordinary level that allowed me the chance to feel every ounce of emotion and feeling that this story and its characters had to offer. It was another chance to realize once again why I've loved every book in this series so far, and why this book was the most magnificent way to end it all.

Falling is Ryan's perspective on the events that I've come to know in Fading and Freeing. I really loved that this book starts off before the events that I've already come to know and that it gave me so many new moments that I've yet to read so far in this series. There were many scenes I was dying to read from Ryan's perspective, and they were exactly what I was looking for in getting into Ryan's head at some very key, very poignant, very emotional, and highly vulnerable instances.

But, Falling also gave me more. It expanded on some things that I had read before in the other books, it showed me and let me experience some completely new moments that I didn't even know had happened, and it gave me the opportunity to see things strictly from Ryan's perspective that I couldn't have read or felt had I not been in his head. I relished in all this book gave me. It gave me so much and I took it all because it was just that magnificent.

Ryan's character truly stole a little piece of me in this book. The feelings that that man has towards Candace melted my heart again and again. The vulnerability and the doubts and questions he feels throughout this book just left in awe of his authenticity and his heartfelt demeanor. It also made him as endearing as all get out. Being in Ryan's head and getting the chance to finally live through his perspective just brought everything in this fantastic series full circle. It brought it all together to bring this story and these characters to a whole new level.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was seeing Ryan and Candace's relationship develop through his eyes. I already knew how Candace felt through it all from Fading, but seeing how Ryan felt just exemplified the goodness of him and just how amazing that man was. I just fell more and more in love with his character as he began his relationship with Candace and got to know her, and it made me love her more for what she brought out in him. Their relationship through his eyes is nothing short of wonderful.

As with the other books in this series, this author does the most fantastic job of creating and developing these characters feelings and emotions and thoughts in a way that allows you to experience them right along with them. All the heartbreak and pain and anguish. All the good, and the happiness, and attempts at healing. All the light and all the heavy and every little and big thing in between. Everything. You will feel everything in your bones and it will take your breath away with all that you feel.

What I think I've loved the most about this series is that I got multiple perspectives surrounding the same events. Each perspective was wholly unique and distinctive as E.K. Blair created and developed Candace's, Jase's, and Ryan's voices so superbly. Each of their perspectives allowed me the outstanding opportunity to fall in love with their characters more and to really understand them and what they were all thinking and experiencing and feeling at so many points in their intertwined stories. I really can't say enough how much I loved that.

E.K. Blair's writing was just as amazing in this book as it was in the others and it put me right into it all with these characters. This book and this new perspective just solidified why I've loved all these books and why I love all these characters to pieces. Candace, Jase, and Ryan are three phenomenally developed characters that just enthralled me. They were so extremely real and so well developed, and in the end, I just wanted more time with them because I loved them all so much. They're engaging and fun, and honest and raw, and some of the most tenacious characters I've ever read. What each of them is fighting for will have you right there with them, giving it your all with hoping that they get what they all so truly warrant and deserve.

My heart just went to all three of them and the many wonderful supportive people around them. (Big shout out to Mark, because I still love that man even though he plays for the other team!) The three of them have their flaws and their vulnerabilities that make them them, but they also have some of the most extraordinary personalities with more strength and passion and determination than you can shake a stick at. I guarantee the time you spend with them all is not something you will soon forget.

Falling was just amazing. It was a beyond perfect ending to this entire series, and it gave me things I didn't even know I needed. The moment I finished this book and realized I had nothing left to read of Candace or Jase or Ryan I got a little bit sad, because I loved them all. But about 20 seconds after I finished that sadness went away because I realized just how extraordinary this series, and especially this book was. As much as I hate that my time with them is over, I am beyond thrilled that I had the chance to read and experience every single breathtaking and wondrous piece of it.

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