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20th Century Photography by Marianne Bieger-Thielemann
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Jan 12, 2008

it was amazing

An amateur's survey of last century's greatest photographers -- perfect for one such as myself who has a passion but no expertise in this field. Some phtograhpers that define the era for me are Lewis Hine, Erich Salomon, August Sander, Steichen, and Stieglitz. Yousuf Karsh and Richard Avedon are clearly masters of their art. And then there is Cartier-Bresson, who holds a special place in my heart as "Rue Mouffetard" is one of my absolute favorite photographs. And of course, Mr. Newton. Yummy.
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brian tanabe What a nice gift! I will certainly look up that book. Is he known as a photographer of famous portraits? That might actually turn me off to his larger oeuvre...

As a side note, people have for years for the most part seemed far too apprehensive about giving me books as gifts. What an absolute shame. A somewhat recent development, however, is the B&N and Borders gift cards -- which works quite well.

brian tanabe Once again Tracy you have enticed me back to Monsieur Cartier-Bresson...

brian tanabe Do you ever sleep, Tracy?

Wow, that seems to be a definitive book on the man... and it has the appearance of being out of print. Lovely. I want it now.

brian tanabe I would have to touch the book with my very own hands before I pay that much for a seemingly recent out of print book. Hmph.

You are bordering on gloating, Tracy... use caution here, my friend.

brian tanabe DON'T tell everyone here!! Send it in a private email!!!

brian tanabe I am quickly losing faith here ...

brian tanabe Perhaps if you slept more the "steely jaws of your astounding memory" would work more like a well-oiled machine. Like my mind -- I'm doing mental calisthenics as we speak...

And to all my wondrous friends of the LDS faith, please forgive Tracy the Blasphemer, she means "teasing" in only the gentlest way... kind of like the way in which the 20th century's greatest painter, Bob Ross, would tease out the fluttering leaves of a quaking aspen.

brian tanabe Thank you for not sharing this gem of a site with the rest of the GoodReads flock, Tracy. I owe you for that.

Apparently you are not a Mitt Romney fan ...

brian tanabe Did I just slide open the Tracy Floodgate a tini bit? [frantically trying to push back the gate to its original position but not having much luck... deciding if I should just run now...]

brian tanabe Yes, Tracy, this is the Official "Mitt In 08" thread.

I'm not going to tell you what fine news source I pulled this from, so I'll make it a guessing game, but here's the beginning:

"Mitt Romney Defends Himself Against Allegations Of Tolerance
Mitt Romney's candidacy took a major hit following the discovery of statements he made a decade ago that imply he isn’t sickened by gays."

brian tanabe Damn you are good ...

brian tanabe I think they're all asleep right now ... or working ... or mustering the Mormon troops ...

[I'm ignoring your filthy mouth...or rather, your filthy little fingers and their proclivity for bad words...]

brian tanabe Crapola, using the full name. You seem far too young to be my mother...

Keep pushing the proverbial envelope, Tracy -- I want to see how quickly you are censored. Or is this hubris born out of you emerging unscathed from your bottoming thread?

brian tanabe While I appreciate your expertise with cutting-and-pasting and your accomodation of the infamous link, alas, I do not think today will be the day to get lost in your bottoming thread. But thank you yet again, Tracy.

brian tanabe My absolute favorite is near the end when the old man throws his monitor at his neighbor and then diligently resumes typing in his excel spreadsheet data.

Are you having a bad day at the office, Tracy?

brian tanabe Did you just edit/censor your own message?

Yes, that is so perfect -- he is typing and looking into a screen that no longer is there! So funny.

message 17: by Meels (new)

Meels Tracy, ha! I had to send that link to my best friend. His sister got fired for taking her shoe off and throwing it at a co-worker!

I'm all for the lunger as well. There is one guy that often gives me the urge to choke the life out of him...

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