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Proxy by Alex London
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Proxy gave me more than I could handle.

For me Dystopian novels are worth million of my time. The brilliance of this book lies in every word, every sentence, every paragraph it contains. At first you may get lost and confused that you will have no fucking idea what their world is. But no matter how lost you are, something about this book will keep you going, stirs you back down to where the story wanted you to be lead. And as fucked up as this world is, you will always have that tugging in your gut that will want you to know more, read more and understand more how differently built is this place from our own.

Proxy is all about owing and paying debts. It's about the unfairness between a world with luxury [apparently in their case, it's the cool futuristic techs that even runs in their blood] and with those who are working, scavenging in order to survive. Proxies here are the latter. They pay their debts through working for the patron, receiving punishments that they don't deserve. But Proxy contains more than it's fast-paced action and heart wrenching emotions. It's has a strong message worth deciphering if you're willing to give it a chance to be deciphered.

Syd here is the proxy who wants nothing more than to just shrunk in the corner and avoid the spotlight as possible. But because of Knox's, suddenly he's not anymore. I just love Syd here in every way possible and I couldn't imagine him suffering this much. Gosh, he's only 16 and shouldn't even have a life like that. I just want to pull him into a tight embrace, protect him and never let him go. He is astonishingly the beauty that keeps me hanging unto this book. I was even thrilled to know that the main character in this book is 'gay' and it suddenly gave a powerful twist in the story.

Knox on the other hand is Syd's patron who, aside from the fact that he is a skilled hacker of their system, is actually an ignorant, funny, and oh my God a goddamn spoiled flirt. But meeting Syd gave a new meaning to his life. He had learned to live life far from what he'd grown accustomed to. I adore how much he gave color to this story that will surely make you smile and giggle without you even knowing it.

But as perfect as we might think Knox's life is, there are just things that makes it not. And here I came to realize that, different may be the two of them [Syd and Knox] in the status of their lives, they were still made equal in some ways. Proxy talks about owing and debts. But as how the story goes, some debts are paid the hard way. But also, some debts cannot be repaid. It can only be forgiven.

How I had endured its ending, I have no idea. Some part of me says, both characters didn't deserve any of it. But their story continues on Guardian and I can't help but read it right away, begging for more.

If you're one who risks being torn and wrenched apart with some heavy action/drama packed dystopian novel, this one is for you. Proxy is really something that doesn't deserve to be missed.

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