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Worlds' End by Neil Gaiman
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09/25/2010 page 107
64.0% "This is a short one."
09/25/2010 page 142
85.0% "'We've heard a swashbuckling adventure, a sea story, a gangster story, a grisly boys' funeral story, and even a little ghost story. They're BOYS' fictions. That's what they are...I mean, sure, they pass the time. They entertain. But how do they help you make SENSE of anything? The world isn't LIKE that.'"
09/25/2010 page 154
92.0% "'I was watching it--I couldn't look away. But part of me was watching myself watching [it], and realizing that while I watched I was...being...changed.' This has been my favorite quote for YEARS; it's on an underpass by my house. I had no idea that it was written by my favorite author! But I guess I knows what I likes."
09/25/2010 page 168
100.0% "Stories within stories within stories (told by travelers at the inn) within a story (told by Brant) within a story (written by Neil Gaiman). Very chinese boxy, says Stephen King. But what I'm interested in is this: who died?"

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