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Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
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Sep 23, 2010

really liked it
Read from September 23 to October 08, 2010

Spoilers in review.

This is not the kind of book I would have picked myself. It was a title that was suggested as the first read for our online book club. And what's the point of a book club if you don't read something out of your comfort zone?

Honestly the first chapter or two were pretty "dry" and a little difficult to get through. But all books require some amount of character development I just had a hard time choking through the obviousness of this book's development. Once that was set up (ie not so obviously character setup but now real story) it was a little roller coaster ride of emotions.

Who is Him? Is he someone we've met? Is he strolling into town selling his dreamcatchers he could easily get into town to sell his wares and be watching them all, just waiting. Was it Max? Maybe Julia & Ellie's dad? Even Cal.

I've now realized I've read waaaay to many twisted mysteries and movies. My fears of what would happen were so out of the ballpark in comparison the what the author wrote I'm starting to wonder what I'd read on the past that caused so many of my "out there" guesses about what was going to happen next.

I was also setting myself up for more in my face sister issues, luckily we didn't drag up as much of that as I feared either. I also really expected a confrontation with Him at some point. Maybe Max would stumble across it on one of his expeditions. Or at least when Alice lead them back to the site. But alas no show down.

I was sobbing by the end. I was pissed George took her away. How could he not transition her? How could his experts really know how to work with her? It was very Mr Hammond in Jurassic Park with his "nothing but the best" attitude. I kept reminding myself it was only a book but I cried anyway.

Last chapter she can go to school a year later?!? Unattended? Maybe it's just I've been a special needs mom too long to buy the plausibility of that. Another plausibility I can't buy is prom queen becomes local law enforcement.

But by the end it all tied up in a neat bow almost too neat, but again this is a book not real life. But if Cal and Ellie were now married, and living in Ellie's house with his three daughters where were Julia and Alice living?
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