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Suddenly One Summer by Julie James
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I'm upset.

Julie James is THE AUTHOR who got me hooked on romance novels. So to say that I was excited about reading this book, is probably the understatement of the year.

So imagine my surprise when I didn't actually enjoy this book.

The story in this seemed to take AGES to warm up. Perhaps this is because I didn't refresh myself on the FBI/US Attorney series prior to reading this? Whatever the case may be, it was very slow to begin with and even though it did gain a little steam as the story went on, I had a lot of trouble getting into it.

The biggest problem I had with this was that Victoria was such a raging bitch. There is a fine line between strong independent business woman and bitch I want to slap in the face and Victoria very much fell into the slap in the face category. She is overly judgmental, self absorbed and not very pleasant. While some of this can be related back to her battle with her panic disorder, her flaws were not endearing. I did not connect with her at all, she felt like a caricature and acted that way too. There was no depth to her.

Ford. While you have a heart of gold and seem like a decent guy, there isn't much memorable about you. I can't even remember the description of you, and I only finished this a few days ago...

These two, Victoria and Ford, they both had commitment and relationship issues. I was hoping that together they would help each other overcome their problems and grow and develop as a couple. My hopes were smashed against the wall at every turn. This book ventured into NA territory with the amount of unnecessary drama and miscommunication that was going on.

Honestly. I don't think I have read about two bigger bone heads in a romance novel. The jumping to conclusions. The running away. The closing off and being mean. JUST USE YOUR WORDS. They were incredibly frustrating to read about. I seriously considered throwing this against the wall numerous times. Urgh.

Also, I do not remember the previous Julie James books being so risqué in the love scenes. Look, these were hot, and SAFE, but... they lacked the tenderness and finesse of her earlier works.

There were some memorable parts, Victoria's speech at the end was lovely and some of Ford's words towards the end were swoon worthy, but these little glimpses of awesome were too little, too late.

I'm not angry with you, Julie James, but I am disappointed.

I guess this is a case of I like your old stuff better than your new stuff.

Julie James, you are an auto-read author of mine no longer.

2 and-suddenly-I-jumped-to-a-conclusion Stars

Thank you for buddy reading with me Aileene !
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Aileene Have you finished this woman?

Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ Not yet lovely. I got caught up with Brave because my copy is glitchy and I need to have my computer handy for when I am missing paragraphs. I will have a solid 2 hours reading tomorrow morning though, while I wait for my friend to do a half marathon. So I plan to finish it then.

Aileene All planned out - I'm impressed! Really! :D

Aileene I'm resuming soon

Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ Hopefully we can compare notes tomorrow or Monday :)

Aileene Not even halfway but I'll try to catch up

Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ I didn't get as much done this morning as I had hoped. There is no rush!

Aileene I'm halfway in. Yep no rush.

Aileene Oh huney :( sorry it was a huge disappointment for you.

Aileene TRULY AND VERY honest review though.

Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ It's OK. Can't win them all. And I have had a pretty good streak.

I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts! :D

David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party Awesome honest review, Jess! Sorry this book was such a disappointment for you! :(

Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ Thanks Dave! I have so many other books on my reading horizon, I don't dwell on the disappointments for too long :)

Samantha :( I do kind of agree...it's sad isn't it? It's definitely my least fave. I also felt like they jumped into bed with each other extremely quickly! One minute they're chatting at his place, having barely met, and then they're going at it? I remember thinking it was quite abrupt!

Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ Oh Sam, I'm upset! Definitely the worst that I have read of hers - but I never read Just the Sexiest Man Alive, you said that one was below par too, if I remember correctly?

I can see where you are coming from with the jumping into the... table. It was like flicking a switch with them, hot, cold and then banging, then miserable, jumping to conclusions...then confessing their love. Urgh.

Samantha Mmm I vaguely remember not loving that one either. It's such a shame. I'm still going to read whatever she releases but I am definitely disappointed I didn't love it. I guess at the end of the day, nothing beats Jack Pallas. She started out too strong lol

Aileene Did someone mention Jack Pallas?

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