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Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery
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Sep 22, 2010

Read in September, 2010

Description: Pia O'Brien is Fool's Gold 's event coordinator. She's recently come into ownership of a snarky cat after her best friend died of cancer. But now she is delivered the mother of all shocking news when she discovers that she was also left Crystal's three embryos! For Pete's sake, she just had to give up the cat because it clearly hated living with her. How is she supposed to care for three children?
We first meet Raoul in Sweet Spot as the high school QB dating Hawk's (the coach) daughter. Now he's all grown up, did his time in the NFL, and has retired to Fool's Gold. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that make him keep his distance from anything that could possibly touch his heart. But he is an all-around good guy. From someone's point of view, he could seem like a person who goes around looking for "causes." But to another, he could possibly be the sweetest guy, always doing what's right (as Raoul does, let's give all the credit to Hawk) and he always seems to do right by Pia. That is, until he proposed with the word"practical" added into the proposal and the word "love" nowhere to be seen.
As the whole town of Fool's Gold knows, Pia turned from her childish ways a long time ago and Raoul seems to be the man that can stick around and make both their lives happier for it. Join Pia and Raoul as she deals with being left the only living piece of her late best friend and her situation with her "pregnancy buddy."
Comments: It's a great little read. It makes me eager for the Hendrix triplets' books. If I wanted to reread any of the books, it would definitely be Liz and Ethan's book (#2 in the series). But is was fantastic seeing Raoul grow up into the man we knew he would, especially with the likes of Hawk as a role model.

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