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Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce
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Sep 22, 2010

it was ok
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So. I've read up to page 216 now and there isn't really anything that urges me to read on. I have heard so many good things about this book and Tamora Pierce's books in general come highly recommended by some of my Goodreads friends. But I fear that if I haven't found anything that makes me want to go on up until now, I probably won't find it in the next 150 pages either.

Please don't understand this as a discouragement to give Pierce's books a try - this is in no way a bad book, it's just not for me. I found it hard to get into the writing style; the narractive kind of hops between the different characters in mid-paragraph every now and then - and that perspective felt a bit weird to me. Also, I wasn't particularly fond of the main character, Daine. Her voice is a tad bit too young for my taste (she is 13) and she comes across as a little too perfect with her special talents concerning animals and the strong magic she has without even knowing it.
All in all, she is a characters that can often be found in epic fantasy: an orphan with special talents who finds new friends and a master who helps her control her unknown abilities and come to terms with her past. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this kind of character in general. Although it has been done a hundred times before, a skilled author can always add something new to the story. And Tamora Pierce definitely is a skilled author, but in this case, Daine's story just didn't resonate with me personally. Despite all that, I really liked the idea behind her magic and the focus on animals in this novel.

Now I'm unsure if I should give another one of Pierce's Tortall series a try. I wasn't fond of the writing style in this one - so if they are similar in style, they might simply not be for me. On the other hand - a character to root for might change my opinion.

#2 TBR Pile Reduction Challenge (Olivia: I'm sorry I didn't like this more, I was definitely counting on it.)

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message 7: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ Aww, don't feel bad hun, you gave it your best shot:)
Great review:)

message 6: by Kim (new)

Kim I'm sorry this was a dud for you, but I liked your review. I've been thinking about giving these a shot too.

message 5: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Sorry you didn't care for it Janina. I haven't read anything by this author, now I'm in no hurry too. Great review!

Janina Thank you. Arlene, you might still want to give them a try. I know that both Olivia and Teccc liked them a lot.

Teccc Interesting ;)
Yes I think her writing style is more or less the same in all her books, and I am glad about that because I really like it.
Often when I'm going on a long train ride or flight, I take a Tamora Pierce book with me because I know that I can read it for hours without getting bored.

Sagatiaej Yes, because a half read book is definitely a good basis for a well thought out review or opinion.

message 1: by Ka (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ka if you don't like characters who seem a little too smart, talented, and perfect, especially when they are in their early teens, then honestly I'd probably avoid all of Tamora Pierce's novels. Even her most flawed main characters are really not flawed at all (zomg so-and-so has a quick temper, huuuuge flaw!! except it never actually gets away from her, so basically the flaw in her personality is that she's rude to people now and then. Hey, Mary Sue, that's not so bad.)

That said I still enjoy Ms Pierce's books and I'd totally recommend them to any girl under the age of 15 who wants a fun fantasy story with strong female characters. I admit there's a nostalgia component there (you LOVE those types of characters when you're 11) but the stories and world are a lot of fun. You might be rolling your eyes sometimes at the characters and the writing style, but there's a lot of good worldbuilding and loads of gods walking the earth and such, which is always fun. for those not young enough to totally ignore the writing flaws, well, yes, it can make you roll your eyes now and then. You might enjoy the books she wrote for the more high schoolish age group; the two Trickster books are full of politics and spycraft and were a lot of fun to read, and I also enjoy the books set prior to the current era (the Terrier/Mastiff/etc) because they follow the adventures of a young recruit to the city's police force. The whole police-procedural type story (I can't help it, I love crap like CSI, L&O, Cold Case, etc) mixed with fantasy and magic and stuff really appealed to me. Anyway, maybe give some of Ms Pierce's stuff for slightly older readers that she wrote a little more recently a try?

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