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The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston
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Sep 21, 2010

really liked it

Ana Vargas
Kelly William
Period 4/5

“The families are glad to be rid of them. ‘girls are maggots in the rice.’ ‘It is more profitable to raise geese than daughters.’ ” (43). Complication in this situation has many problem in Chinese female such as, force marriage, race difference, and locked up of hopes. The author Maxine Hong Kingston wrote a book called “The Woman Warrior”, where another cultures experience, look into a different life.
This book is made up of many different stories. The culture of the stories are different from the american point of view. These are three example of the book. One of the main character is a chinese girl. Every girl in china is bad luck. Families wanted male in the family. Girls would be sold at the age of birth to eighteen. This book transition into a women that was not as strong in her early days, then got trained with old people that were strong. The girl became a woman warrior, and fought the great battle, as you have seen “Mulan”. “ mother brought two mirrors, and I saw my back covered entirely with words in red and black files, like an army, like my army.” (35). Another story in the book explains the unpleasant life of Moon Orchid and her unsuccessful marriage. “Sometimes Moon Orchid seemed to listen too readily-- as if her sister were only talking-story.” (131). Moon Orchid was a white hair old lady, who relied solely on support from her husband from America. Until she decided she wanted to find him. It was then, that her husband had an American secret wife, which Moon Orchid was left alone dealing with her broken life and adult children.
This book was very interesting. Where another culture was being imputed into the worse situation. It makes me wonder, is all life that different? This book was from 1900’s and now a day, life in china, woman do not bind their feet to make themselves beautiful. This book shows a lot of imagery, making the reader have a vivid image in their head, which the reader itself can almost be there, feeling and seeing what the character is trying to show. I would give this book four and a half stars. The image of the fight in the woman in china is just seeable. The other half of the star would be because the transition was confusing. I did not know if the author was still talking about herself or some other person, even if the book is suppose to be an memoir.

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Wsingiser Your review was very helpful. It helped choose what book I am going to read sometime in the future.

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