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In Your Eyes by Cardeno C.
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it was amazing
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Recommended for: Shifter lovers
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5 Stars for audio!

Belens Audio Book Review

This is what you get when you put together a story I already love with a narrator I love.

In your eyes say anything

Samuel Goodwin and Korban Keller are both the prospective Alphas of their respective shifter packs and they meet initially at an interpack council meeting when Samuel is eight and Korban is eleven.

Told entirely through Samuel’s perspective, he's initially distrusting and suspicious of Korban and how bright, sunny, smiling, and seemingly carefree he is. Duty and responsibility is very important to Samuel. He takes his prospective Alpha status very seriously. Samuel desperately needs order, control, facts and rules to function.
My father said people shied away from me because I was strong and they knew I’d be Alpha one day. He said that meant I needed to make the effort to approach them instead of waiting for them to approach me. Apparently he didn’t realize I wasn’t waiting for them and I had good reasons.

As the boys continue to meet at different points in their lives at different interpack council meetings Samuel becomes more frustrated because he can’t figure out what it is about Korban. Spoiler: Korban is his True Mate! Samuel finds it strange that he has “feelings” for Korban, because Samuel doesn’t really have feelings per se, he relies solely on intellect and is a complete over thinker. He doesn’t know how to go with his gut, no matter how hard his father tries to teach him. He constantly studies oh-so diligently, reading all the old lore and shifter laws and runs and shifts to make himself into the strongest wolf he can be.
I was more a brain man than a gut man, always had been. When my father used to ask me what my gut said, I always wondered what he meant.
“How do you feel, Samuel?” he’d say. “Not what do you think up here.” He’d tap his head. “What do you feel down here?” He’d pat his belly. “Go with your gut.”
All those years and I never understood, but suddenly, I thought maybe I did. Maybe that feeling in my belly telling me to keep trying, telling me there was something I was missing, telling me to look harder, maybe that was my gut.

So, it doesn't really come as a real surprise that Samuel doesn’t have friends, or share normal pack intimacies, and that he’s completely awkward and socially backward, often saying the wrong thing and not knowing how to interact with others. Which is the absolute opposite from Korban in every way possible. (Personally, I think Samuel is definitely on the spectrum; from his mannerisms, to his thought processes I would lay a bet for high-functioning autism.)
“I like order. When things aren’t where they’re supposed to be, I can’t focus on anything else,” I explained, hoping that wouldn’t make me sound as rigid as I probably was. I didn’t want Korban to be worried about living with me.

I love the UST in this story. I love Samuel's father and I absolutely love Korban! The story takes a while for the guys to get together, but once they do, it's full steam ahead!


I won't lie to you - the first 40% or so of this story is a bit hard to take because Samuel isn't the most likeable of characters. It's juxtaposed with how he is once he is able to tie with his other half. In true Cardeno fashion once our two mates actually connect and get together they are each other's rock and strike a perfect balance. Truly two halves of a whole. It takes a while to get there, but once it does, Cardeno doesn't disappoint - the smexy times are awesome and abundant (thank heavens!).

I love visiting this world Cardeno has built and Charlie David brings to life through his absolutely wonderful narration.


Review Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Listened 11/11/15

4 Stars

Took me a bit to get into the final installment of the Mates series. Samuel is a bit hard to take until he and Korban sealed their mating bond. After that? I loved it!

BTW - I’m pretty sure Samuel is mildly (or, not so mildly) on the spectrum. Looking at the character from that perspective makes me like him more. If he's not on the spectrum...well, Korban saves him from being a complete uptight asshole thankfully.

Read 03/14/2015
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Meags Oh good. I'm glad you had similar thoughts regarding Samuel. I've taught a number of kids with different degrees of AS in my few years teaching, and his behaviour was definitely familiar.

Meanwhile, I can't believe how quickly you knock back books! You must be a speed reader! I've been at it all day and still only halfway through one book!

BWT (Belen) Meags wrote: "Meanwhile, I can't believe how quickly you knock back books! You must be a speed reader! I've been at it all day and still only halfway through one book!"

Haha! I wouldn't consider myself a speed reader...I have known people who can read much faster than me. Though, yes, I generally can finish a book quickly if I'm not interrupted.

message 3: by CrabbyPatty (new)

CrabbyPatty Charlie David - the actor? How is he as a narrator? I wasn't impressed with him in Mulligans, for what it's worth.

BWT (Belen) Crabbypatty wrote: "Charlie David - the actor? How is he as a narrator? I wasn't impressed with him in Mulligans, for what it's worth."

Yep. The actor. I have enjoyed his narrations, but I know some people who don't like him as much.
Audio book narrators are a really personal thing, I think. There are some narratora I despise and are an automatic no-buy for me, but others love them. Diff'rent Strokes, I guess.

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