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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Sep 21, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in December, 2010

I reviewed this trilogy as a whole, the the review will be the same for all three books!

The Hunger Games is the type of trilogy that requires a genre all its own. It's a mold breaker. By far, these books have had more impact on me than anything I have ever read before. The story of Katniss and Peeta and the other district residents is beyond touching and entertaining. Really, there are no words to describe the enormity of what you will find on these pages.

Collins amazed me with her ability to drill straight to my heart from the very beginning. You are immediately drawn to the characters, attached to them as if you actually know them, as if your love for them is real. The dystopian world she created for her characters is so believable it's scary. It's one of those situations where you think Wow, this could really happen. This could actually be a possible future for us if we are not careful! And that is terrifying. There is so much more than an entertainment value in these books. There's a message. There's a warning, and that is just one reason these books will stay with me forever.

The events that take place in this story envoke such strong emotions in me. I was completely lost in it. I consumed all three books in as many days, and I felt a terrible loss once they were over. I felt myself wanting to fight for the characters, feeling angry and protective when they were hurt, happy and excited when they were comforted, devastated and heartbroken when some were lost. I cried for them, and laughed with them and even jumped up and down and shouted in triumph. It was definitley an experience I will never forget.

I will never forget the Boy with the Bread; the genuine concern and care Peeta feels for Katniss is touching. He would lay down his life for her without a second thought. I will never forget the Girl on Fire; Katniss has the strength and determination of no one I have ever known. She sticks up for what she believes in. She protects the ones she loves no matter the cost. And I will never, ever forget the story of the Hunger Games, the Tributes, the Districts and the battle they partake in to win their freedom and the right to protect their children from a gruesome fate.

Five stars are just not enough to represent the perfectness of this story! I highly, highly recommend this trilogy to everyone from YA to adult. I think it has an important message for everyone and is an unbelievably beautiful read that I wish I could experience over and over again for the first time.

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