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The Ninth Avatar by Todd Newton
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Sep 20, 2010

it was ok
Read from September 20 to October 16, 2010

Todd Newton's debut novel is just that - a debut. Not a bad one, but not a good one either. For me, the book was just okay. (I want to note that two stars on GoodReads means: It was ok.)

I think the author has a great talent in writing, but he bit off way too much for his first effort. Each character or group of characters introduced in the book could do with an entire novel all on their own. Starka, who I thought was the main character as she is introduced to us first, goes through an all out war with evil, undead warriors without a scratch. She has changed, but I don't think her story was adequately told. As is the case with all the other characters. I found myself getting into one person's story and then having it mercilessly yanked from me as the author jumped to another character. Jumbled together as they are, I had a hard time getting into the book. Once their respective roles had been established, the story ends quickly with little satisfaction on my part as to why.

Overall, the writing is clear and there were some great human and religious insights sprinkled throughout the book as well as some interesting world building (loved the Five Points realm - could have spent a lot more time in this kingdom). This is one case where I had wished the author had written much more, or possibly, narrowed the story's scope down to just one or two characters rather than a whole troupe.

Overall, I think it is a fine read, but just didn't do it for me.
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Reading Progress

09/20/2010 page 53
14.0% "Enjoying the action and story setup so far."
09/22/2010 page 98
26.0% "Story is picking up and we are back to Starka. Good stuff."
09/28/2010 page 180
48.0% "Whew! Lots going on, characters have come together and splitting up again. Interested in seeing how it all ends for Starka."
10/10/2010 page 216
58.0% "Story is progressing nicely. A couple of romantic plots taking center stage as the war with the Carrion goes on. Some bits are a bit disconnected, but overall still a good read. Interested in seeing what Starka's role is in the war as right now she seems to be just baggage. :/"
10/12/2010 page 250
67.0% "Things are speeding up for DaVille and Starka, and a revelation has been, well, revealed. Enjoying the story, but would like more character development and less wallowing. Or maybe, less characters?"
10/16/2010 page 374
100.0% "Finished, review to come shortly."

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Todd Newton Awesome. Thanks a lot for the full review. Especially after your input on Scions, this means a lot to me. Very much appreciate the honesty as well!

N.E. White Hey Todd! I like to think that despite all my neurosis, I am at least honest. Again, I don't think I stressed this enough - I really enjoyed the writing. I can only hope that my first effort is as good as yours. Cheers!

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