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Green Rider by Kristen Britain
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Sep 19, 2010

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Read in September, 2010

I did enjoy this book, but not sure if I will continue with the series. Maybe if this was one of the first fantasy books I'd ever read I would have been more excited about it.

You can tell this is a blossoming author and this is one of the first she published. The plot and characters are kind of trite and typicial of many fantasy novels: spirited, spunky, smart, and beautiful girl gets draw into the old magic of her world. Strangers reminicent of fairy godmothers take her in and give her a little guideness, allow her to see a little of her future which haunts her for the rest of the book/series. Everyone is taken with her: the Captain, the rich boy, the little squire-type girl...even both the villian and the King! She, of course, is influential in saving the day and almost does it single-handedly.

What would make continue reading the series is more of the great humor Britian showed here and there. The interactions between the Governor and his efficient assistant, especially the charaters reaction to.a misunderstanding about the governor's son had me laughing outloud. Then there was the reoccuring game of "intrigue," to which I was groaning internally about some symbolic game at the end that I thought would be drawn out and predictable. I was estatically surprised when the main character took her sword to the game instead! Brilliant.

To sum up: typical fantasy with a few pleasant surprises. Series has potential.

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