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Don't Kill The Messenger by Eileen Rendahl
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Sep 19, 2010

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bookshelves: paranormal-fantasy

Melina after dying for a few seconds & resuscitated, opened her up to a sixth sense. Melina is faster at healing & has increased stamina & speed, she recognises when abnormals, magical creatures, vampires & werewolves are near. Always the oddball she keeps herself distanced from her family & those around her, working nights in ER & as a messenger between different fractions of the 'cane'(arcane) population. She shares a flat with a 'dane' (as in mundane i.e human).

Melina gets attacked by Ninja's when she is delivering a package to the head Vampire Aldo from Doctor Vampire Alex.
Melina has always delivered her packages and starts to investigate, what she comes up with is troubling but each of the supernatural fractions do not think it is anything to do with them when she reports back.

During her investigations she keeps bumping into investigator Ted & things between them develop from there, Street gangs are being ripped apart, there are innocent bystanders hospitalised & Melina takes it off her own bat to put a stop to the Chinese Triad taking over her town.

Melina is a pretty vulnerable character emotionally but she hides behind that with humour,sarcasm & flippancy, she is resilient, also strong & is fearless in pursuit in what she feels is right, I liked her character. I felt the characters around Melina where not fleshed out enough & the story sputtered at times, I just wanted more out the supporting characters & a better flow to the story.

This is being published as a paranormal romance, it's more of a urban fantasy with confusing romance threads through it. Saying all that it is still a solid book & very readable.

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