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Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman
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it was amazing
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HELLO NEW FAVOURITE LITTLE MUNCHKIN OF A BOOK! I was so nervous about this one...because while it sounds like a decidedly ME book...I absolutely loathed Taken. I mean, UGH, Taken was just so boring and cliche...but Vengeance Road?!? IT WAS AMAZING AND I AM MONSTROUSLY IN LOVE WITH IT. Plus it 100% reminded me of Blood Red Road, which is only alos my favourite book ever.

So much win. All the cake for Vengeance Road. All the love.

I gotta warn you: I'm obsessed with the Wild West.
Why? SEARCH ME, DUDE. I think it's because I was super into it as a kid (yes I caculated the costs of doing the Oregon trail and made little wagons out of icecream sticks) so now anything remotely western just sings happiness to me. And this is DEFINITELY gritty and dusty and cowboy-ish.

Yayyyyy. This book spares NOTHING! Like, if it says "I'm gonna shoot the thing"...the thing will be attempted to be shot. Which I find endlessly admirable. (I'm, um, normal I swear.) But it definitely had morally grey characters. And tons of shoot outs. And Kate (the protagonist) wasn't going t ohave a stab of conscious when the crunch came. Love her.

Speaking of Kate...YEAH I LOVE HER.
I mean, she has a derivation of my name. Clearly she's awesome. *flips hair* But she was absolutely gunpowder and cacti and I LOVED HER FOR IT. She was about as cuddly as a plank, I tell you, but not emotion-less. She just GOT THINGS DONE. She never sat down and whinged about it.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the ENDLESS GLORY THAT IS THE ROMANCE!?!?
Or, I might say, slight lack of romance. I mean, WAIT. Don't get me wrong. THERE IS DEFINITELY ROMANCE. But it's such a small sub-plot that I was super impressed. Plus I shipped the ornery Kate and the overly-nice-guy Jesse so so much. I mean, on the surface maaaybe they seemed a bit trope?! BUT. I DIDN'T EVEN CARE. They were both complex and interesting characters.

And a moment for Jess and Will, basically just because.
When Kate heads off to find her father's murders, she teams up with them (unwillingly). They're bros and they're AWESOME. Aka, Jess is the big-brother-trying-to-be-the-dad figure and Will is the little-brother-lets-annoy-him-just-because-hahaha-ha. Adorable. True siblings. Except I absolutely (view spoiler)

Did I mention feels?
BECAUSE I GOTTA MENTION FEELS. Several things happened that just...punched me basically. I mean, rude. But also, love it.

And it's written in slang!
Although it still has punctuation, SO YAY FOR THAT. (Because trust me, books sans punctuation are little balls of hell to manage. Ahem.) But I loooved how it did this and it wasn't too over the top and hard to read. IT WAS JUST PERFECT.

"Cait are you ever going to stop gushing?" you say tiredly.

...oh wait. If you're going to insist on negatives...I do have one. Mainly that there were lots of wounds given in the story, but they didn't leave lasting impressions. I mean, dude, you get shot and tear muscle? You don't sleep for a day, stitch it, and then are fine. Same as if you get your guts sliced open. Noooope. So #unrealistic elements there.

Otherwise this book is AMAZING and GLORIOUS and SHOOTY.
Shooty is a word. Don't even deny the reality of that. It's basically a gorgeous little beasty book and I'm endlessly pleased with how complex the characters were. They could've easily fallen into pancake-flat-tropes (especially considering the "don't need no man" tough female heroine) but THEY DIDN'T. And I loved everyone!! And despite the journey, it was always interesting and I devoured it in a day.


"I don't think I could finish something that think without dying of boredom."
"Then you ain't found the right book yet," I says. "There's something for everyone."

"If novels are a luxury, poetry's another thing entirely. Folks who got the time for it have something wrong upstairs if you ask me."
Jesse takes one last drag on his cigerette and puts it out in the dust between us. "Figures you'd say that."
"I's gonna say the only type of reading I ever had any patience for. Sarah has a book of poems she reads to Jake sometimes. It's like a song, that stuff. Like an escape."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."
"You did, but that's fine. People don't gotta like the same stuff. If they did, life would be pretty boring."
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Emily (theBookishLounge) "If it says "I'm gonna shoot the thing"...the thing will be attempted to be shot"- I laughed at that more than I should. Definitely going to give this one a go and experience its glorious shootiness :D

message 2: by mali (new) - added it

mali OMG OMG OMG I'M EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR READING THIS NOW!!! GAH must have ..now! and btw how do you do such hilarious and perfect reviews? I can't cait, don't make me laugh so early in the morning c: ohmygosh did I just read that spoiler?!?! omg I did and now I hate me for doing so. AND OH GOSH YES!! THE WILD WEST!!! I love that time period so much <333

Nina (Every Word A Doorway) Great review, Cait! I'm glad you loved this. This was a sweet little ride in the Wild Wild West for me. And Kate is a spitfire and I have a history of getting along well with those hahaha *_*

Jess Yeah, this book was dope. I hope Bowman continues the trend of not pulling any punches in her future books.

Crystal | decorating.reader I love this one SO much!!!

message 6: by Bee (new) - added it

Bee I haaave this one on my TBR to be read and I will, I swear. I love western movies secretly and I actually really enjoyed Revenge and the Wild and Rebel of the Sands, which both felt very western-y at times. So huzzah!

message 7: by Skyler (new) - added it

Skyler I'm not usually a fan of westerns, but this actually sounds really good!

message 8: by Chelsea (new) - added it

Chelsea is it like Not a Drop to Drink but a western theme

Cynthia (Bingeing On Books) Have you read the sequel, Retribution Rails? I just read it and it is so, so, so good.

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